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House Proceeding on Feb 25th, 2010 :: 1:41:15 to 1:50:35
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Pete Sessions

1:41:14 to 1:41:37( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: expire, and with that i'd reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i appreciate the gentleman from colorado for yielding such time as i may consume, and ildo that now. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. sessions: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise in strong support of the bill that is with us today.

Pete Sessions

1:41:15 to 1:50:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions

1:41:38 to 1:41:59( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: the safety of this nation, protecting america om terrorists is of high and vital concern not only to this member but i think every single member as we have been reminded time after time that we cannot take our eye off the ball, that the security of this country is a job that must be done all day

Pete Sessions

1:42:00 to 1:42:20( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: every day but a group of savvy professionals that i believe we presently have in this country. it's a combined effort of not only law enforcement, intelligence, but also involves bright minds from this body also. today, what we're here to do is to consider re-authorization of

Pete Sessions

1:42:21 to 1:42:41( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: the u.s.a. patriot act. this act was done nine years ago. nine years ago when our nation was struck. it was crafted in such a way that there were provisions, ideas, thoughts that we did at the time where we said we need to make sure they're re-authorized, tt these ideas

Pete Sessions

1:42:42 to 1:43:04( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: are looked at where we go through the processees and see what happens not only with our own effectiveness with the law but also how our intelligence agencies are nimble enough to adapt them self to make these changes. at the same time i say i'm for this, it's unfortunate that my friends in the rules committee,

Pete Sessions

1:43:05 to 1:43:26( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: my democratic colleagues continue to deny the minority due process by n to offer a motion to recommit. time and time again republicans were shut out of the amendment process forcing us to simply accept what comes forward. i encourage my friends on the other side of the aisle to stop

Pete Sessions

1:43:27 to 1:43:47( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: restricting this process in the house. almost nine years ago, as i stated, congress passed this patriot act, bipartisan support . at the time it was very difficult, not only for us to see that enemy that was at us but also for us to understand more clearly how we should

Pete Sessions

1:43:48 to 1:44:08( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: respond, and this nation did respond. we responded with the patriot act that was specific in nature, that allowed intelligence agencies a chance to stand a chance to fight that was against us. this legislation was and still is vital to our intelligence capacity and our desire to show the enemy that we're willing to

Pete Sessions

1:44:09 to 1:44:29( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: fight, that we're willing to stand up and protect this country, that we're willing to go and do the link -- to the links that -- to the lengths that are expected to anyone who wants to help our homeland. lamar smith of the judiciary committee, the gentleman from

Pete Sessions

1:44:30 to 1:44:50( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: san antonio, texas, urged democrat leaders as we did not know whether or not this bill would come forward to extend those expiring provisions stating, and i quote, congress has a duty to protect the american people. failing to re-authorize our national security laws in a time of heightened threat is reckless. these were the types of public comments that republicans are

Pete Sessions

1:44:51 to 1:45:11( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: making about the need to make sure that we press this body, to get done its job with those processes. yesterday, up in the rules committee, the gentleman, mac thornberry, from texas, testified in the rules committee about the importance

Pete Sessions

1:45:12 to 1:45:32( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: of extending the expiring patriot act provisions at the me we were debating the intelligence bill. i thought that mr. thornberry was well on point, was thoughtful, was articulate about the significance of providing the necessary debate on important issues and amendments. i think we just had a debate

Pete Sessions

1:45:33 to 1:45:54( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: here on the floor where we went through how these issues need to be talked about in this body and every single member needs to understand them as a result of their constitutional duty to protect and defend not just our constitution but this country.

Pete Sessions

1:46:01 to 1:46:23( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: . yesterday the senate passed this legislation by a voice vote. confirming the importance of acting immediately. i'm just for getting it done. i'm just for getting it done. if the senate wants to do it by a voice vote, that's fine. toyed we are here on the floor to talk about the three provisions that were set to expire.

Pete Sessions

1:46:24 to 1:46:45( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: they were set to expire because the previous congresses have said we needed to have an active debate on these issues. i would like to talk about them. allowing the government to seek court orders for roving wiretaps on terrorism suspects who shift their modes of communication. mr. speaker, if there's one thing we learned that the enemy is smart and nimble and quick.

Pete Sessions

1:46:46 to 1:47:06( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: they adapt themself to the way we do business. we need to give our intelligence agencies the ability to be nimble, quick, and adapt themselves also. glad this is being redone just in time. to allow investigators to obtain a foreign intelligence surveillance act court order to

Pete Sessions

1:47:07 to 1:47:27( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: procure certain records and national secity investigations. you have heard this said for a long time. people who are trying to protect this country are few in number and the case against them is very large. the number of people who are seeking to turn our country into another war zone, where

Pete Sessions

1:47:28 to 1:47:49( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: civilians are killed, where planes are blown up out of the sky, where we have inundation of our national security efforts, as well as cybersecurity. we need to make sure our investigators have a clear understanding about the rules and are able to receive information in a legal process.

Pete Sessions

1:47:50 to 1:48:11( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: lastly, to allow the government to apply special court surveillance orders involving suspected, what are called lone wolf terrorists who do not necessarily have larger organizations. i think the gentleman, mr. rogers, made a point here from the intelligence committee, that our ability to be able to see this for what it is, whether it's a part of a larger

Pete Sessions

1:48:12 to 1:48:32( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: terrorist group or whether it's a lone wolf acting on their own, that we need to be able to make sure that we can fully vet these individuals before shutting them down and allowing them just to be treated as a person who has committed a crime. we need to be able to see that which is named at this country and fully vet them.

Pete Sessions

1:48:33 to 1:48:55( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: with people who are overseas terrorists come into this country by lying to us about why they would be coming and their intents, we need to be smart enough, nimble enough to pick these up. each of these provisions are viewed by law enforcement officials and intelligence agents to prevent terrorist attacks. by re-authorizing these provisions which my party, the

Pete Sessions

1:48:56 to 1:49:16( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: republican party, fully supports, we believfor an additional year, will provide the compropet defense and intelligence measures to protect americans for another event like 9/11. if i offered some comments, republicans would have been in favor of making these permanent in law. of course we need to make sure that we are re-evaluating these.

Pete Sessions

1:49:17 to 1:49:37( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: but these should be made permanent law so that our law enfcement agencies set themself in a position to be nimble enough to see the attack against us. i think nine years' worth of effort has told us we need to give our law enforcement every single tool that we believe is reasonable.

Pete Sessions

1:49:38 to 1:49:58( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: i think we have done it today. i wish we have done it for more than a year because here we are. we'll be here a year from now perhaps struggling with the same issue. let's make these permanent additions to the homeland security patriot act. this country is under constant threat of violence and terrorism and that's why it's necessary to make sure that all of our intelligence and law

Pete Sessions

1:49:59 to 1:50:19( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: enforcement have the appropriate tools to defeat the who would wish to do us harm. we don't need to look back very far to christmas day, but i would say to us that after that we still have warnings that came from our intelligence community that said, and expect more. and expect more. which is the reason why we

Pete Sessions

1:50:20 to 1:50:35( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: should be making these issues that we talked about today not extending them for one more year but to make them permanent, to give our guys, our team, our men and women engaged in the professional aspect of protecting this

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