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Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: administration in what appears to be a war on the intelligence community, a legal war on our intelligence community, the brave men and women in that community. the chair: the gentleman from texas is recognized for four minutes. mr. thornberry: thank you. i appreciate the distinguished ranking member for yielding to me. in a way this bill is a tale two of bills.

Mac Thornberry

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Speech By: Mac Thornberry

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: part of this bill is the classified annex where specific dollar amounts are allocated to various programs. and the classified anne ex, i'm happy to report, is a bipartisan product and i appreciate the chairman of this committee, subcommittee chairman ruppersberger and others,

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: working with republicans to have -- compromising from both sides, but having a bipartisan product that has the support, i believe, of the full intelligence committee and should have the support of the full house. unfortunately that is not the case with the other provisions of this bill, the policy provisions of this bill, which

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: are deeply disturbing. as a ranking member has indicated, a number of key issues whether it's from guantanamo to reading miranda rights, have not even been allowed to be debated and voted on the floor of the house. those issues have been shut aside. instead what we have in the

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: underlying bill are 41 new reports plus an additional 17 more reports that would be required of the intelligence community are in the manager's amendment. the deeply -- but deeply buried in all those reporting requirements is something that is deeply disturbing and that is

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: a new criminal part of the statute that would apply only to the intelligence community when they tried to enlessity information from a terrorist that can prevent future terrorist attacks. and i think it would be helpful for all our members to just remember a bit of the history -- history here. last year the obama

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: administration released a number of classified memos detailing interrogation technique -- techniques despite the appeal of five former c.i.a. directors not to do it because doing so would harm our efforts against the terrorists. they did it anyway. then, secondly, last year the

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: administration decided that they would re-investigate c.i.a. personnel who were involved in interrogations, even thou it had been thoroughly investigated and there was no basis found for any sort of prosecution. instead the obama administration decided they wanted to appoint a special prosecutor to go after those people again. third, there's an effort to

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: bring lawyers up on ethics charged because some people disagree with the legal important that they -- opinion that they reached. just recently we found that that effort has failed. fourth, last year the speaker under pressure from questions about what she knew about these

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: interrogations alleged that the c.i.a. lies all the time. despite the considerable evidence that she had been fully briefed about the interrogations. and the speaker's charge was so indefensible that this bill got postpone -- postponed for seven months and couldn't even come to the floor to protect her. so you see that string of going after the intelligence community, of making accusations

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: against them and then what we find in the manager's amendment is this provision that creates new crimes only for the intelligence community when they try to illicit -- elicit information. it is rather remarkable. anywhere in america if a prison guard tries to wake a prisoner

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: up it's ok, it's part of the prison routine. under this provision, if a terrorist does not get a proper amount of sleep the intelligence community can be prosecuted and sent to jail for 15 years. anywhere in america there is an interrogation of a criminal

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: suspect and it may be said -- would the gentleman yield an additional two minutes? mr. hoekstra: i yield the gentleman an additional two minutes. the chai the gentleman is recognized for an additional two minutes. mr. thornberry: anywhere in america there is a criminal investigation and it might be pointed out to a criminal suspect that it would be better to cooperate or the death penalty could be a potential

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: punishment for his crime. it is against the law under this mcdermott provision for an intelligence professional to in any way threaten physical harm or coercion against a terrorist in order to get information. in other words, what goes on every day all across america in the criminal justice system would be prohibited in this

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: provision that's in the manager's amendment. it is in many ways unthinkable, in many ways it's topsy turfy land where we forget who the good guys are, who the guys trying to keep us safe are, and who the bad guys are. it's all turned upside down. week of all -- we all rember photos o abuses from abu ghraib

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: in iraq, they were deplorable, the people responsible were prosecuted under the criminal law as they should have been. but to extrapolate from that the source of restrictions here in starting on page 33 of the manager's amendment is, i think, indefensible. intelligence is a serious business.

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: the people who are involved in it risked their lives to keep us safe and to threaten, this law would, to put them in jail for 15 years if they don't give somebody whatever they -- the terrorist says is part of their individual religious beliefi think is dangerous, irresponsible and it tells the

Mac Thornberry

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Mac Thornberry: intelligence community that we talk so much about, we're not going to back up our words, in fact, we're going to prosecute you. that's a mistake. i am deeply disturbed by some of the trends in this bill and i hope the manager'samendment will not be adopted. and if it is this bill should

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