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House Proceeding 02-25-10 on Feb 25th, 2010 :: 3:42:05 to 3:48:35
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Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:42:02 to 3:42:23( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: mr. conyers: i'l yield to her as much time as she may consume. ms. jackson lee: i thank the chairman very much. sometimes we come to the floor and there's not an derstanding, mr. speaker. and i ask unanimous consent to address the house. but we don't understand the -- really the importance of the work that is being done here.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:42:05 to 3:48:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:42:24 to 3:42:45( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: to my coleagues, wat we are doing is securing the american people. we know that right now, there is a major debate that is ocurring with leadership dealing with health reform. we will be adressing the question of jobs, but let it be very clear, nothing is going to stop us from addressing the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:42:46 to 3:43:06( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: question of national security. chairman conyers has been working on the reform and the patriot act to make sure that it provides more security for the american people. i just came from a hearing on holand security in which i am a member, with the sec

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:43:07 to 3:43:27( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: homeland security, asking hard questions about the reinforcement of security, the provisions of support for personnel at the department of homeland security and the ability to get more resources so the traveling public can be more secure. in this instance we are acting

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:43:28 to 3:43:48( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: expeditiously and responsibly. we are providing for the extension of the patriot act so we can, in fact, engage the other body and work constructively, one, to with no doubt, commit ourselves, as the president has done, in committing to use every instrument of national power to

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:43:49 to 3:44:11( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: fight terrorism, including intelligence and military operations as well as the criminal justice system. that's the judiciary committee. there has never been a doubt about the comitment of the obama administration or the judiciary comittee, the chairman and our colleagues in the other body. but it is important for us to handle our business and do our

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:44:12 to 3:44:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: duty and that is to look at a fine tooth comb, the patriot act, to ensure it doesn't violate the rights of americans, no matter what your political persuasion. you have a sense of understanding of the constitution. you understand due process. you understand unreasonable search and seizure. so it is our obligation to do so.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:44:35 to 3:44:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: . as i listened to the debate on the intelligence bill, i was struck by the efforts made to shore up any of the missing links to provide us a pathway away from the fort hood incident or the christmas day bombing and one of the things i want to emphasize is the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:44:56 to 3:45:16( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: important for horizontal i want grigs. homeland security, department of justice, the agencies dealing with national security as we attend -- attempted to do after 9/11. we must ramp up the coordination of information and there muste a focus on not only enhanced coordination, which is the premise of the patriot act to get information

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:45:17 to 3:45:39( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: and to ensure the obligation to ensure your civil liberties bu we must also be somewhat unique and distinct on how we assess who might be a threat. i have constantly asked we consider this thing called human assessment and behavior. a lot of people call for profiling. that's the way to do it.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:45:40 to 3:46:00( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: and i can tell you, colleagues, that you can profile from this morning until the end of time and you will mis someone who doesn't fit the caricature, if you will, of what you might think happens to be a terrorist. timmy mcveigh didn't -- timothy mcveigh didn't fit the profile.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:46:01 to 3:46:22( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: there needs to be human behavior assessment that would have been an appropriate approach to the captain at fort hood. it's not profiling, it's assessing the behavior, of interacting on the internet, very conspicuous behavior in washington before he was transfered to fort hood,

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:46:23 to 3:46:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: behavior that was not transmitted in the right way. and we can look at the christmas day bomber we had the shoe bomber, bavior there sent up a red flag. when we look at the premise of the patriot act, it is gathering information and i know my colleagues would not want us to rush to judgment. so what we have in place now is

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:46:44 to 3:47:05( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: the opportunity for america to be protected to use this cross signal of information. might i also mention the assessment of the actions of the department of justice. ther's not been one moment of a decision that has jeopardized the american people. yes, there's been a decision that initially was accepted by local officials as we

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:47:06 to 3:47:26( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: understand it to try individuals in a particular area. there were provisions, obviously, to be made for that. that decision alone and whatever happens on the decision after about where that trial will be held has nothing to do with undermining america's security. we have mirandaized people before and they have given us

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:47:27 to 3:47:48( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: information and we have garnered that information to use for our security. we have tried people in civilian courts, under our legal system and we have found them guiltyn the bis of what they have done and we protected the american people so i am concerned that there is some label going on that there are not the convergence of

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:47:49 to 3:48:10( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: resources in the obama administration, not the work on behalf of the judiciary committee, chaired by chairman conyers that steadily puts together building blocks to secure the amican people. i hope we will rise to vote r this extension of the patriot act to allow this congress, bipartisan, to sit down and do its wk. but in the meantime, would we

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:48:11 to 3:48:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: not be irresponsible if we did not come to the floor today to protect the american people, just as we've done with an authorization of the intelligence bill, which has never been done for a large number of year, has not been done, we are not doing that because we believe in the security of the american people. i look forward to moving forward on this legislation.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:48:35 to 3:48:37( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: i look forward to pressing the

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