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Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: for fear of losing it. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from north carolina. ms. foxx: thank you. mr. speaker. i want to say there is another issue here that i think we need to talk about. many people say that the american people's eyes glaze over when we talk about the process here and they don't

Virginia Foxx

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Speech By: Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: really care. but i think that we showed a couple weeks ago they do care and that they are watching. they are paying close attention to what's going on in congress because the american people believe in fair play and they believe that we should play by the rules. so often congress passes bills and exempts itself.

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: it often passes rules and the majority exempts itself. one of the ways that congress is exempting itself, or the majority is exempting itself right now on this bill, on this rule is with something they call pay-go. now, the majority party two years ago made a big splash, got a lot of great publicity saying

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: everything's going to be pay-as-you-go. it's appreciated pay-go. we are not going to do -- abbreviated pay-go. we are not going to do spending unless we cut somewhere else. we want to be diligent. they criticized republicans for years on the deficit. criticized republicans for spending too much money. they were going to show that they were different. what have they done every time they have got a major bill they

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: want to pass? they just waive the pay-go rules. and it usually doesn't get a lot of publicity because they got all that great publicity for saying that they were not going to do that. but that's what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen. the pay-go rules have been waived on this bill.

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: they don't want to show the american people h again they are abusing their own rules. how they are being unfair to the american people because they are saying another. they say we want to bring down the deficit, we want to curtail spending, but what they are

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: doing as i said earlier, is bringing back the old welfare system. we saw that with the stimulus bill. we saw it with the appropriations bill. it's back to the old style of welfare. we don't have to ask people to work, to draw welfare payments. no, let's just get rid of that. let's extend the payments.

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: let's increase the payments. let's put mor people on welfare. and that's exactly what this bill does. we are simply going to be increasing welfare. and the way they do that say, we don't have t show how we are not increasing the deficit by passing this bill. so we'll just waive that rule

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: and nobody's going to notice it. well, i think the american people are noticing that. i think they are paying attention. again the majority of the american people who are paying their mortgages, who are playing by the rules, who are going to work every day, and doing their jobs are getting sick and tired

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: of the increase in the welfare system again. here you go, the democrats have been in charge of the congress for a little over two years, and what do we see but a massive increase in welfare. and i appreciate my colleague talking about the president saying he was going to be responsible. he was going to be held accountable.

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: but you know we haven't seen anything written into legislation so far. i have asked about that. again i appreciate very much chairman conyers putting a little piece in this bill about accountability. i think that was good. we are going to look at bankruptcy judges, see if they are abusing their power. make sure we have some idea what

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: they are going to be doing. but we give them two years to make that report. it's plenty of time. but we have -- i have a great concern over the fact that the majority party has waived the pay-go rules on this bill. that's a part of what they are doing, and i think the american

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: people are concerned about that, too. mr. chairman, i reserve the balance of my time. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from florida. mr. hastings: may i inquire as to the amount of time remaining on each side?

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