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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this yea they are forced to act by changing the process. with that, mr. speaker, we have to act to get control of our debt for our children and grandchildren. i yield back. chair recognizes ms. woolsey from california. mr. burton from indiana. for what purpose does the

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: gentleman from california rise? >> five minutes to address the house and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro te objection, so ordered. mr. lungren: thank you very much. mr. speaker, today the president of the united states continued a tradition that has existed since the beginning of this republic

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and that is for the president of the united states to send to congress a message including his budget. this is the blueprint for this administration in the area of taxation and spending for the foreseeable future. at the outset, mr. speaker, let me give the president credit

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: where credit is due. we should remark that the president's budget does highlight the dire problem with the unsustainable growth in entitle spending. he acknowledges that, as it should be acknowledged, and he does it up front. and for at he is due respect. secondly, the president does

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: propose to fix the alternative minimum tax, the a.m.t., and builds the impact of this proposal into his budget's outyear projections. this is something the previous administration did not do. this is an improvement in terms of what we might call accounting procedures. his reform of the a.m.t. does

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: fall short of full reform since it only adjusts for inflation d bracket creep will push more and more of our constituents, the taxpayers the a.m.t., which was originally considered to catch just a few, handful of multimillionaires who in periods of time some decades

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: ago escaped any payment of taxes, not because they didn't do anything illegal but they took advantage of various tax credits, tax shelters, etc., that were available in the tax code. the president does one courageous thing i would suggest. he asks us to consider means testing medicare part d premiums.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: always a controversial issue, but one that the president at least presented us with the facts forcing us to deal with those facts. and the president should be commended for proposing in this budget for emergencies.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the president -- previous president, president bush, setaside $5.6 billion in rife for emergencies in his first budget, but president obama should be advised that the results of that were that congress quickly spent the reserve on other programs, base programs, nonemergency programs, and there is a tendency in this

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: body andhat on the other side of the capitol to do the same thing. now, those are the things for which i can give the president credit. but overall this budget is of great concern to me and ought to be of great concern to the rest of the american people. what it would do is increase the national debt by $2.7 trillion,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: $2.7 trillion. that's not billion that's trillion with a t. $2.7 trillion this year to $12.7 trillion. requiring another increase in the de limit which was just increased to $12.1 trillion in the stimulus bill. it actually doubles the national debt in eight years.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: now, i know my friends on the other side of the aisle have said how can you republicans speak? you didn't do a very good job. i'll be the first to admit when i cam back here after an absence of 16 years i was surprised by the lack of intestinal fortitude in this institution towards fiscal responsibility. and my party was in charge. you might say, well, president

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: bush allowed the debt to rise from the first day he was in office until the day he left by $4.9 trillion. that is a record. but president obama has already shown us that he's a record breaker. because under his budget the debt is projected to increase by $5.6 trillion in just three

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: years. how are we going to take care of this? are we going to be more indebted to the communist chinese? are we going to be intended - indebted to others around the world? when do we stop the printing presses printing our money? when does the impact of that fall on our most vulnerable in this society, that is those on fixed incomes, when the value of

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: th pocket or in their bank account or somewhere in their investment portfolio is worth less than it was just a few months before? so we raise taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: now, some of it doesn't really look like taxes because it's called, cap and trade revenues. cap and trade. under the guise of global warming or climate change we now are going to have a huge tax increase. what we have here is a budget

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: with some small good points, huge debt, huge taxes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. lungren: we must do something. we can do better. the speaker pro tempore: mr. defazio of oregon. mr. paul of texas.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: mr. jones of north carolina.

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