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Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: phil gingrey has -- the on gin dr. phil -- the ob/gyn dr. fill beginning ree has delivered many babies -- babies in his life. mr. gingrey: obviously the gentleman has in this hour spoken already of se of the arcane machinations that are

Phil Gingrey

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Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

1:09:27 to 1:09:47( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: going on in regard to how the democratic majority and the president -- and present obama plan to get this bill, this massive health care reform bill through the congress and to describe, of course, that process called reconciliation and i know it's difficult for a

Phil Gingrey

1:09:48 to 1:10:08( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: lot of folks, mr. speaker, even members of congress, sometimes, to understand all of thes parliamentary tricks which can be used but clearly the american people, the american people can't be tricked. i absolutely have faith in them. we have heard from them during

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: the town hall meetings all across this country last august, the million man march on washington, the doctors for patient care march on washington, the tea party patriots, the freedom first foundation, led by a former majority leader, dick armey.

Phil Gingrey

1:10:32 to 1:10:54( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: mr. speaker, these folks cannot be tricked. i was really disappointed in yesterday's proceedings. i think it was a good thing that the republican minority was really -- was willing to go over to blair house and realizing that the deck was stacked against them, but to

Phil Gingrey

1:10:55 to 1:11:17( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: have an opportunity in a respectful way, and i commend my republican colleagues, i think they did a great job of that. it was clear, it really was clear on monday of this week, mr. speaker, when the president put his 11-page addition online to add to the senate bill. it was pretty clear that it was

Phil Gingrey

1:11:18 to 1:11:39( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: -- there was going to be no opportunity in my colleague from iowa has stated this so well, no opportunity as the president, . speaker, gave indeed to iran and their leader , ahmadinejad, to say, we're going to unclench the the fist.

Phil Gingrey

1:11:40 to 1:12:00( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: i guess the president was referring to the fist of the previous administration, his predecessor in the oval office. i'm not sure. but to say to ahmadinejad, of all people, we're going to unclench this fist and we're going to reach out with the hand of friendship as we

Phil Gingrey

1:12:01 to 1:12:21( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: ne trying to appease you and beg you and triple dog dare you to stop in your progress toward developing nuclear weapon. i didn't see that kind of outreach yesterday at think blair house as i watched the

Phil Gingrey

1:12:22 to 1:12:42( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: deliberations on television, mr. speaker. that really is what we needed. that really and truly is what we needed. we needed to have an agreement from the president and from the democratic majority to start over. to reject this bill that the american people, what, 70%, mr.

Phil Gingrey

1:12:43 to 1:13:06( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: speaker, had rejected and they want us to start over and they know now that we have great republican ideas that were articulated, i can't go through a litany of all the members ther, i think there were 18 20, including house and senate republicans, dr. tom coburn talked about medical liability

Phil Gingrey

1:13:07 to 1:13:28( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: reform, senator alexander spoke eloquently, our own dr. boustany from this body did a great job representing our doctors. we know now what's in store for us. i want to just say to my colleagues and to my friends back home, let's don't give up the fight. if this is what they want to do, if this is what the democratic majority wants to do, this is what

Phil Gingrey

1:13:29 to 1:13:50( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: insists on, they're going to pay the consequences politically. unfortunately, that's not the greatest concern. the greatest concern is, of course, the health of -- both think physical health and economic health of this country and i think it's in great peril. i know we have other members, mr. speaker, that have joined representative king and want to weigh in on this, so i'll yield

Phil Gingrey

1:13:51 to 1:14:12( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: back but i thank you for the opportunity to be with you this afternoon. mr. king: reclaiming my time, i thank the doctor, congressman and gentleman from georgia for joing us, we have 23 minutes or so to continue the dialogue and i appreciate the intellect that's been brought to this debate. i think that there were some outspoken conservatives that

Phil Gingrey

1:14:13 to 1:14:21( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: would have contributed substantially to the discussion yesterday had that been the format, perhaps this is our format to weigh in on that. i'm happy to see that also my

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