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David Wu

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David Wu: i urge my colagues to do the same. madam speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from oregon. mr. wu: madam speaker, i now yield such time as he may consume to the gentleman from illinois, mr. lipinski, the chair of the research subcommittee of the science and technology committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois is recognized.

David Wu

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Speech By: David Wu

David Wu

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David Wu: mr. lipinski: i thank the chairman for yielding. madam speaker, i rise today in support of h.res. 1097, supporting the goals and ideals of national engineers week. as one of only a handful of engineers in congress, as chairman wu mentioned, i am proud to again sponsor this resolution honoring national

David Wu

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David Wu: engineers week. i'd like to thank the gentleman from michigan, dr. ehlers, r working with me on this resolution and on many other issues. unfortunately for this institution, and for america's science and technology policy, dr. ehlers announced a couple weeks ago he was retiring at

David Wu

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David Wu: the end of the year. we are going to miss his leadership and knowledge, especially in the area of science technology, engineering, and math education. i'll particularly miss working with him as a co-chair of the stem ed caucus.

David Wu

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David Wu: promoting stem ed and education big part of what national engineers week is all about. two weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary of national engineers week, and for each of the five years they have introduced this resolution, it seems to get more important. we continue to fall behind other countries in the stem

David Wu

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David Wu: fields, with china seemingly poised to overtake us as a leading producer of knowledge within a decade. our infrastructure continues to languish. there are serious energy and water challenges in our country. at the same time we face an urgent need to create jobs.

David Wu

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David Wu: if we want to solve these problems, any of these problems, we need engineers. of course engineers build bridges and airplanes, but they also are the ones who design our computer networks and turn discoveries into products, industries, and jobs. the more than two millionning nears in the u.s. have helped

David Wu

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David Wu: make our country great. but we need more of them. we need to recognize the contributions they have made and continue to make to our nation. national engineers week seeks to address this problem through events aimed at educating use and foster public awareness about the vital contribution

David Wu

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David Wu: made by engineers to our quality of life and economic prosperity. the programs like future city competition, interdutiesing girls to engineering day, and the first robotics competion, the national engineers week foundation confronts the challenge ever encouraging more students to pursue careers in engineering.

David Wu

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David Wu: engineering week comines numerous events like the ones i just mentioned. another example is students learning the value of teamwork as a working group to develop creative and practical solutions to some of the most important problems facing our nation in the world. problems like designing future cities make engineering come

David Wu

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David Wu: alive for students, planting a seed that can lead to further studies or career in engineering. in fact, research shows that our children's early experience with science and engineering are a stronger prediction of long lasting interest in science fields than aptitude testing. - tests. by drawing on volunteers

David Wu

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David Wu: throughout the country, engineer week reaches thousands of parents, teachers, and students expong them to the excitement of engineering in a real and tangible way. . i can childhood experiences with science and technology captivated me. i was always fascinated with the way things work. i remember going to museum of

David Wu

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David Wu: science and industry in chicago , touring the coal mines, watching the model trains run over this enormous track layout that they had were two of my favorite activities. these exhibits excited and can't vate me. most importantly, though, -- captivated me. most importantly, though, i remember the teachers wh

David Wu

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David Wu: heed mold this childhood fascination into an interest in engineering. al these experiences instill in me the knowledge, confidence, intellectual curiousity that helped me pursue a chemical engineering and a mast aries degree in eng

David Wu

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David Wu: -- master's degree in engineering at stanford. national engineers week is to provide this kind of inspiration, inspiration i had as a child to inspire the next generation of students. we definitely need these students. by 2012 about 46% of all engineering jobs could become vacant due to the retirement by

David Wu

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David Wu: the aging work force. educating america's youth in engineering and science needs to be a priority. i understand that engineering education is useful no matter what someone decides to do. my education helps me understand technology and

David Wu

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David Wu: science issues, stem education, transportation, manufacturing and risk analysis. what it -- but it is more than knowledge. engineering is problem solving. there are so many problems that we need to find soluons to in our nation and in the world. and engineers will be involved in finding all of those

David Wu

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David Wu: solutions. madam speaker, i'd like to again thank the gentleman from michigan, dr. ehlers, as well as the 27other co-sponsors of this resolution. i'd also like to thank senator coffman for introducing a companion bill in the senate. above all, i'd like to thank the engineers who have

David Wu

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David Wu: contributed so much to america and honor them for their commitment to continuing to better our society.

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