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Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: every man and woman and child on earth is at stake. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones, is now recognized for five minutes. mr. jones: mr. speaker, thank you very much. i want to thank 370 members of the house of representatives for

Walter B. Jones

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Speech By: Walter B. Jones

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: joining me in an effort to rename the department of navy to be navy and marine corps. i would also like to share with the house that last thursday was a very exciting day for this effort. the reason being that mike bloom, a marine league executive director, national director, was the m.c. at as in conference that was attended and also one

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: of the speakers of the united states marine general tony zini, son to pat roberts from the senate who has introduced an identical bill to the bill h.r. 24 that 370 members have co-sponsored. also in attendance to speak was general al gray, former comdant of the united states marine corps.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: and a very impressive young man from texas, sergeant eddie wright, a marine veteran and bronze star recipient who lost both hands in combat and iraq in 2004. despite his injuries he became a marine corps hand to hand combat instructor, later retired and now is a defense contractor. sergeant wright explained the importance of the teamwork

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: between navy and marine corps because he said at the news conference, if he had not had the navy corps he would not be living today to appear at the news conference, calling for this relationship to be publicly respected navy and marine corps. also was a father, dick lynn, whose son was killed in iraq in 2005.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: tracy, a founder and executive director, her website has 130,000-plus members and provides support for marines, parents and she also spoke on behalf of this legislation. mr. speaker, thepurpose of this news conference was to announce the national spokesman. the national spokesman was also

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: in attendance and he spoke as well, lee ermy, known as the gunny, a golden globe nominated actor and marine veteran. he is host of the history channel's "lock and load." he is a star of major films including "full metal jackson," "dead man walking" and "toy story."

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: lee army has become the national spokesman and tends to help us try to convince the senate to accept three words, and marine corps. mr. speaker, i would also like and submit for the record letters from ike skelton, chairman of the armed services committee and alsonking member budke i ask permission that i might do that at this time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: mr. jones: thank you, mr. speaker. in the letters from the chairman and ranking member they state that we will bring this bill to the floor sometime in april as a suspension bill and pass it on the floor and sendto the senate. then it will be up to the senate to do what they will and hopefully they will understand what senator roberts said, all we're asking is three words, and

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: marine corps. mr. speaker, before i close i would like to show why dick lynn who lost his son in iraq in 2005, h letters and he brought this up and i happen to have these two posters -- three posters of fallen heroes from camp lejeune marines who had died and mr.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: lynn said that he was so disappointed that when he received a condolence letters, he was so proud of his son who was a marine, yet i show what you he received. mr. speaker, you can see on this letter, it's a blowup, the second of navy, washington, d.c., navy flag, nothing, absolutely nothing out marine corps. and yet the young man that died

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: and many others who have died who were marines received the same kind of letter and nothing about the marine corps except in the body of the letter. mr. speaker, if this should become law and i hope that the senate will see the need for this, to recognize the marine corps and say thank you, marine corps, you are one part of the fighting team, navy and marine corps, this is what it would have said, the secretary of the

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: navy and marine corps, washington, d.c., with the navy flag and the marine flag. that's what t should be and i want tsay before i close, mr. speaker, that the navy and marine corps are one fighting team. they should be represented in name as one fighting team. navy and marine corps. mr. speaker, i'm going to close but as i always do close, with

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: my heart aching for all who have given their life for this country in afghanistan and iraq, god to please bless our men and women in uniform and, god, please bless their families, god, please in your loving arms hold the families who have given a child dying for freedom in afghanistan and iraq. and, mr. speaker, i ask god to please bless this house and senate that we will do what is

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: right in the eyes of god and i ask god to please ess the president, give him wisdom and strength to do what is right for this country and three times i

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