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Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: will ask god, god, please, god, please, god, please continue to bless america and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from georgia, mr. johnson, is recognized for five minutes. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. speaker. today i'm saddened as i rise in

Hank Johnson

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Speech By: Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: support and on behalf of the american people who do not believe that the fate of the nation should be subject to the whims of just one single individual senator. the senate filibuster was first used in 1837 and for more than a century it's been used very

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: sparingly and as a last resort. even as recently as the 1960's when the filibuster was used to obstruct historic civil rights legislation, it was used to block legislation less than in 10% of major bills. but a rule change in the 1970's

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: opened up the flood gates for abuse. suddenly by simply threatening to filibuster a single senator could obstruct any bill that lacked 60 votes. today the filibuster is the last stand of special interests and a platform for grandstanding by obstructionist senators.

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: a prerogative in 2009, the party of no, the senate republicans, paralyzed the country, filibustering political process, 80% of major legislation filibustered. mr. speaker, there is no doubt that the founders of our nation intended for the senate to be a

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: moderating influence on the process of legislating so they gave senators a six-year term of office and at the same time gave house members a two-year term of office so that they could be closest to the will of the people.

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: and the senate was to be the deliberative body. george washington is said to have argued that the senate would cool legislation as a saucer cools hot tea. and in that same spirit james madison explained that the senate would be a necessary

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: fence against the fickleness and passion of american politics. but, mr. speaker, the senate no longer cools the tea of legislation, it solid. it is no longer a fence against fickle passions, it is an in-- impenetrateble wall of obstructing progress.

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: the prerogative of a single senator to single handedly block any bill as -- is an affront to democracy. it is clear that the minority party utterly incapable of governing effectively while in power has decided to obstruct those of us who are here to solve problems. the filibuster is their weapon

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: of coice. this week we are witnessing what must surely have been one of the most shameless exploitations of the filibuster in american history and, mr. speaker, i rise this evening after witnessing

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: this shameless exploitation with sadness in my heart, sadness at the absurd posturing of my friend, the retiring senator from kentucky, who has single-handedly blocked passage of highway jobs investment, unemployment insurance and ?? health coverage for americans

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: who lost their jobs. when this senator and when the previous administration were nng this country they threw wild pitch after wild pitch, an unnecessary $3 trillion war, runaway spending that turned a healthy surplus into a massive deficit, massive tax cuts for

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: the rich that were not paid for, utter mismanagement of the economy, financial crisis and devastation to main street america. one wild pitch after another. so the american people went to the bull pen. they put a pitcher with better stuff on the mound. he was a lefty, but he's

Hank Johnson

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Hank Johnson: throwing strikes straight down the middle with speed accuracy. but now the senator is looking to get back into the game and he

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