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Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: issues, not just of the day but of the year. in fact, the past year and a half and that is the issue of health care reform in th countr colleagues, i know that we all watched very closely, as did men and women across the country last thursday when there was a health care summit

Phil Gingrey

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Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: at the blair house. leadership from both the majority, de the minority republican party, my party, were invited to the white house, about 20 on each side of the aisle, moderated by none otter than the president himself. and i think that was a good thing.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: i commend the president for calling that summit. and i think that each side, leadership and members, particularly, i thnk my colleagues from the senate and colleagues from the house, te medical doctors, did a great

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: job of explaining their view and position on health care reform, alternative ideas which i think the president listened very carefully to. it's hard to know what actually came out of that particular session, seven hours of

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: dialogue, the whole thing televised, but again, mr. speaker, i think it was good that we showed that there can be some comity and bipartisanship in this body and in the congress and indeed, it s a good opportunity.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: well, here we here --r almost a week later and we get an announcement just moments ago -- i was reading my blackberry and apparently the president is going to come forward tomorrow yet again with some change to the health care plan, even different from the 11-page

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: change to the senate bill that was posted on the internet last monday in anticipation of the health care summit on thursday. i don't know what that is going to say, mr. speaker. i don't know what the president has in mind. maybe we'll spend a little bit of time this evening talking out that.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: i'm pleased that my good friend, fellow physician, co-member of the house g.o.p. doctors' caucus and fellow ob-gyn specialist, dr. phil roe has joined me. and we will engage in a colloquy. but i just wanted to kind of

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: set the stage tonight for our colleagues and say to both sides of the aisle, mr. speaker, and also to the administration, especially to the administration, to the president, again, i'm not sure what we'll see tomorrow, mr. president. i look forward to very careful ly looking at any proposals,

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: especially if they are adopting some republican ideas so we can do these things -- these important things for the american people in a bipartisan y. we were elected to do that. but i would very much like to have been at the blair house last thursday. in fact, mr. speaker, the

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: president knows -- some of his staff knows, i don't know if he got to read my letter, when i requested to come and speak on behalf of the doctors' caucus from the house on the republican side. i didn't get to go, but dr. boustany, our colleague from

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: louisiana, was there and did a great job. i'm proud of dr. boustany. had i had that opportunity to give my five minutes of fame or whatever, i would have said to the president, you know, one thing that you have done that i think is probably one of he most impon regard

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: to health care reform, and that is money that was allocated, $19 billon, in fact, to try to get electronic medical records in the hands of every practicing physician in this country, all 750,000 of them in every hos

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: so that we could clearly reduce medical errors. we could ult and in the long run, long run, save money. so this is an idea that ithink that at least from this republican viewpoint, mr. speaker, is bipartisan.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: and i commend the president, president bush had the same idea, and again, it was a plan to full get medical records from 2014, 2015. there are a number of things that dr. roe and i would like to talk about tonight that we

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: don't need to spend $1 trillion. that expenditure on electronic medical records is something like $20 billion. and that's a conservative estimate, $1 trillion for this 2,700 page reform.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: we don't need that, mr. speaker. and i'm not sure what the president is going to say tomorrow, but i hope finally that he will listen to the american people and realize there are some targeted things that were mentioned by at the democrats and republicans. but i think the president wants

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: to adopt republican ideas and we're talking about things, especially like medical liability reform. the c.b.o. gavea very consecutive estimate of saving 54 billion over 10 years. but if it's the kind of medical liability reform,

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: comprehensive, absolutely fair and balanced so patients who are injured by practitioners of medicine and by facilities that are practicing below the standard of care, that they absolutely have a redress of their griefanes and a decent recovery. but the president, mr. speaker,

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: in the bills that we are currently looking at, the house and senate bills, there is like $25 million worth of grants to states to look at, to study. we keep creating these commissions, but not even allowing states who have

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: already capped non-economic damages, s-called pain and suffering, those frivolous lawsuits, those states wouldn't be eligible for this $23 million of grants. so i hope that his comments tomorrow include adoption and a

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: new bill or modification and hopefully a shrinkage of the existing bill that it is true medical liility reform, because that's the only way we save lives and save money and

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