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Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: reforms that need to be out there you've experienced the same exact thing. i yield back to the gentleman. mr. gingrey: thank you, dr. roe. i hope you can stay with us for a little bit more tonight as we continue the colloquy. i want to show a few slides to

Phil Gingrey

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Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: our colleagues, starting with the second opinion, subtitled when will the white house listen to the american people? when, indeed, mr. speaker, will the white house listen to the american people? the second slide, let's just go back to last august, seven

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: months ago, americans attended town hall meetings across the country in railroad numbers. in fact my town hall meetings, instead of having 40 or 50 people there, i have 1,500. i'm sure other members experience the same thing. these people were asking that the democratic majority stop their plans to implement a government takeover of health

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: care. here's a quote, mr. speaker. from abc news. the date is august that's when all these town hall meetings were going on across the country. and i quote, from the newspaper, therwe no lobbyist-funded buses in the

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: parking lot of mardela middle and high schools on tuesday evening and the hundreds of eastern maryland residents who packed the school's auditorium loudly ref their anger over the democrats' health care reform plans is manufactured. that's what abc news was back six months ago.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: now fast forward to today. march 2, 2010. americans are still trying to be heard by the white house and democratic leaders as democrats continue to try and ram a government takeover of health care through the congress by any way possible and this is a

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: quote from rasmussen, the polling guru, everybody is familiar with the rasssen poll. february 23, 2010, just last week. voters still strongly oppose the health care reform plan prosed by president obama and congressional democrats and think congress should focus

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: instead on a smaller plan, smaller bills that address problems individually rather an a comprehensive plan. well, mr. speaker, that's what we're talking about tonight. that's what dr. roe is discussing, that's what i said in my opening remarks about had

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: i been at the blarehouse what i may have bush at the blair house what i may have said respectfully to the president to majority leader reidnd to the speaker of this house of representatives, ms. pelosi. the american people were not an angry mob as they are not today, my colleagues.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: they're men and women, a lot of seniors, yes, very concerned about the massive takeover by the government. that's the thing that -- i think the bottom line is, people fear the most, having government take over every aspect of our lives and indeed, colleagues, we're talking

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: about, and we all hear this quote and don't argue with the atistics, this is 1/6 of our economy. $2.5 trillion a year on health care. we see the same thing quite honestly happen in education. we've got a bill on the floor tomorrow, mr. speaker, a bill

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: with a special rule in regard to telling school systemsll across this country how they can discipline children. well, you know, i'm sure there's some concerns and there may be some abusive behavior in very small pockets a small

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: problem. but we have this attitude up here, mr. speaker, that the federal government knows best and we have these knee jerk reactions to things and all of a sudden, we make a -- this huge mountain out of a mole hill, i think in some instances, and say, the federal

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: government has to take over. school boards, elected by local community, can't run their local schools. i think that's hogwash, quite honestly. but the american people have spoken about this, they want us to correct the things that they can't deal with themselves. and yes, they want us, mr.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: speaker to rein in the abuses in this instance of the health insurance industry, but you know, you have to understand, colleagues, there are a lot of good, honest, ethical men and women in this country who work in the insurance industry.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: . independent agents, and there are some great health insurance companies, large companies, small companies, probably over 3,000 total. and you know, we need to be careful that we're not beating up on them so bad that all of a sudden, we destroy an industry

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