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Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: industry made, it would be two days of the health kay -- care. mr. gingrey: this is the kind of wisdom that we need to hear, when you stop and think. certainly dr. roe would agree and i fully agree, mr. speaker,

Phil Gingrey

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Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: if insurance companies are rescinding is the word that's used, rescinding a policy after the fact. somebody's got heah insurance for their family, including their children and they have a teenaged daughter and she's lo and be hold has to go into the

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: hospital for an emergency surgery. the surgery is a success. evything goes fine and they expect that the insurance company will pay whatever, is above the co-pay and the deductible. and then all of a sudden, they're told, well, no, we looked back through your policy

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: that you took out, dad, for the family, 10 years ago when your teenager was just three and you gave us the wrong birth date or youfailed to dot an i or cross a t and therefore this $20,000 bill, you're on your own, buddy.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: that's got to stop. of course that's got to stop. and also, not allowing people with pre-existing conditions, particularly if they're in the individual market, jusmakes it so impossible to either deny or make the preiums four times

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: the standard rate, which is denying. all 435 of us agree that we need to stop things like that. well, those things can be done, but it doesn't take 2,700 pages and 32 additional federal bureaucracies to deal with that. so, again, i don't know what

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: the president is going to say tomorrow. i read that ap report that he's going to indeed, address four subjects in maybe yet another bill or in addition to the current senate bill, that were brought up last week on thursday at the blair house by the republican members that

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: were there. and i think i'm on my blackberry and i want to refer to that and just for my colleagueand maybe some of you already read that, but the proposals president obama listed are four. number one, sending

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: investigators disguised as patients to uncover frauand waste. i want to get back to that in a minute. expanding medical malpractice pilot reform programs. sounds good to me. increasing payments to medicare providers. absolutely. if we're going to have any

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: medicaid providers, i hope we that. and last, the fourth thig and i'm really interested in reading about this, because i'm most in favor of it, expanding the use of health savings accounts. but i do want to go back o that first one, mr. speaker, if i may. sending investigators disguised

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: as patients to undercover fraud, waste and abuse -- and i understand, i know thatwas brought up at the blair house by a republican. but quite honestly, if we don't already, mr. enough inspector generals within c.m.s. and other

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: government programs, health care, tricare, the veterans' program, chip program across the country, i think we can d a better job with combating waste, fraud and abuse than sending undercover patients into doctors'offices. i can imagine -- i haven't practices practiced in a while

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: but i spent 31 years as a medical practitioner. it has only been seven or eight years since i practiced. but i worried all the time, i worried all the time about making sure that i didn't make a mistake, that i ordered the sufficient number of tests and the fact that we practiced,

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: probably dr. roe as well, what we call defensive medicine and getting a blood test, x-ray or ct scan or m.r.i., something i knew wasn't necessary. i would hope it wouldn't be harmful to the patient. if you draw too much blood, you

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: could turn them into an anemic patient. we had a hearing last wk in the energy and commerce comittee about x-ray exposure, particularly from m.r.i.'s and ct scans that you really don't know. if 10, 15, 20 years from now if that exposure couldn't lead to a cancer that that patient

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: wouldn't have otherwise have contracted. all of that defensive medicine that we practice. and my colleagues, the ob-gyn specialists are in town this week and i had the conversation with them, and i know we have to stop that.

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: but disguising people and go into a doctor's office -- i sure hope ty don't go in as a fake patient and decide to have a hem rhode islandhe can tommy. some of this stuff is a little bit ridiculous. but i yield to my colleague

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: from tennessee because he has clinical experience and i would like to know from him how he reduces waste, fraud and abuse. mr. roe: i would like to go n

Phil Gingrey

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Phil Gingrey: record with you as ram, inc. this bill through as march madness and that's not basketball and 6:00, the night after that summit last w just happened to have a telephone town hall and people vote in the poll and there were four questions, do you want to pass this bill as it is?

Phil Gingrey

1:05:58 to 1:06:20( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: number two, do you want to take a clean sheet of paper and start over? do you want to scrap it and start on jobs, or do you not have an opinion? 5% said pass the bill as is, 38% said a clean piece of paper and start over.

Phil Gingrey

1:06:21 to 1:06:41( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: 52% said stop all together and let's get working on jobs. and 5% is undecided. that cnn poll showed 73% of americans think we should start over or do nothing. it's not that much different of the poll i did. mine was not a scientific poll.

Phil Gingrey

1:06:42 to 1:07:03( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: i want to point that out. it was a teleph po. mr. gingrey: thank you for sharing that with our colleagues in regard to the town hall and the poll you conducted with your constituents in tennessee because yeah, you referred to thisext slide that i've got titled, and i want to point out

Phil Gingrey

1:07:04 to 1:07:26( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: to my colleagues and hopeully the camera can focus in, what americans want. poll numbers, 73% of americans think congress should start over on health care reform or if they can't start over and get it right, do nothing. i mean, for goodness sakes, when you're talking about health care and someone says to

Phil Gingrey

1:07:27 to 1:07:47( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: you, do something, even if it's wrong, think about that for a minute. do something, even if it's wrong regarding health care, regarding operations, regarding delivery of a child? no. don't do something even if it's wrong. you better get and if you can't get it right

Phil Gingrey

1:07:48 to 1:08:09( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: with what your plan is, drop the plan. drop the plan and then go on the bottom half of this slide, mr. speaker. 56.4% of people indicated they 3 56.4% of people indicated they would prefer congress to tackle health care reform on a step-by-step basis and not take

Phil Gingrey

1:08:10 to 1:08:15( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: the comprehensive approach as embodied in legislation that passed the house and senate

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