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Tom Price

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Tom Price: the rest of the nation should pay attention to as we consider the impact of the administration's proposal for higher taxes nationally. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: mr. price of georgia. the gentleman is recognized for

Tom Price

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Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

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Tom Price: five minutes. mr. price: madam speaker, we have talked a lot these past few weeks about the state of the economy and the challenges that americans are facing. certainly, there are remarkable challenges that we face across this nation. the stock market was again down today. so we look for solutions.

Tom Price

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Tom Price: american people are demanding solutions on behalf of those folks that they send to washington and rightly so. the solution, i guess one could call it of the obama administration is the budget that he proposed last week. and i would like to point out a few items on that. the deficit from that budget

Tom Price

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Tom Price: will be $1.75 trillion, 12.3% of our gross domestic product, more than trim the previous year. the solution? eyes. the national debt, the president proposed the doubling of the deficit in the next eight years. interest beginning in 2012, the

Tom Price

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Tom Price: interest that we pay on the debt will be $1 billion a day, madam speaker, $1 billion a day. not a solution. taxes, you have heard my colleagues discuss madam speaker, this budget raises taxes by $1.4 trillion and it's on everybody, not just those the

Tom Price

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Tom Price: president says can easily afford it. spending,, 27% of our gross domestic product, the highest level since world war ii. solutions? i don't think so. but madam speaker, the good news is that there are solutions out there and woerful solutions. those of us who are members of

Tom Price

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Tom Price: the republican study committee put on the table, h.r. 476, the economic recovery act, something we believed would be a powerful solution that would allow americans toeep their hard-earned money and decrease some of the incredible roadblocks in the face of businesses so they can create jobs and finally beginning to decrease the amount of spending

Tom Price

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Tom Price: at the federal level. other big thirst across this nation are providing solutions as well. one of them is the group american solutions headed by former speaker of this house, newt gingrich. he recently came out with a proposal, 12 american solutions for jobs and prosperity. talking about the jarks solutions currently being

Tom Price

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Tom Price: proposed by this splation being more money for government, more power for more politicians, more debt, more bureaucrats. that's not what will lead to job growth and prosperity. instead, 12 specific solutions that i would like to share with the house of representatives. first, payroll tax stimulus, a new tax credit to offset 50% of the payroll tax would

Tom Price

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Tom Price: immediately inject money into small businesses and allow for job creation. second, real middle-income tax relief, proposing to decrease the marginal rate of 25% to 12% so nine out of 10 american workers have a flat tax of 15%. real money in the pockets of

Tom Price

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Tom Price: real americans, real solutions. . did you negotiation madam speaker, that mexico, sweden, poland, and ireland, hundred fwarry have lower business -- hungary have lower business taxes than the united states. you'd go somewhere else than the united states if you were

Tom Price

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Tom Price: taking into account business tax rates. proposal is to decrease our business tax rate to equal ireland's instead of the current 35% that we have. fourth, homeowners assistance. provide tax credit incentives for responsible homebuyers so they can stay in their homes. fifth, did you know that the

Tom Price

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Tom Price: budget put on the table last we never gets to a balanced budget, never, never. red numbers as far as the eye can see. we must have a balanced budget. sixth, no state aid without production from fraud, making sure that the state governments ensure there's no fraud and no theft of the hard-earned taxpayer money that they

Tom Price

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Tom Price: receive from the federal government. seventh, more american energy now. we absolutely must utilize american resources while we're conserving and while we're finding that new technology that will carry us through that century. eight, abolish taxes on capital gains. we must match china and sing

Tom Price

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Tom Price: apour and lower -- singa pour and ler the taxes -- singapore and lower the taxes on capital gains. ninth, protect ouright to vote in the workplace. this majority is going to steal that right away with the secret ballot destruction act that they're proposing to put on the floor. we believe that it's imperative

Tom Price

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Tom Price: that workers have the right to a secret ballot when talking about forming a union. 10th, replace sarbanes-oxley. 11th, abolish the death tax. and, 12th, invest in energy and infrastructure. real solutions for the american

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