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George Miller

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George Miller: degnee, shall be considered as read and shall be debatable for 10 minus equally divided and controlled by a proponent and an opponent. the gentleman from california, mr. george miller, and the gentleman from minnesota, mr. klein, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. mr. miller: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to

George Miller

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Speech By: George Miller

George Miller

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George Miller: revise and extend their remarks on h.r. 4247. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. miller: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized.

George Miller

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George Miller: mr. miller: mr. speaker, members of the house, i rise today in strong support of this bipartisan legislatiothat will make our classrooms safer for our children and our teachers. but first i'd like to tell the story of cedric. th is a picture of cedric who was a young man from texas who died in his classroom when he

George Miller

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George Miller: was just 14 years of age. cedric was living with a foster family after an early childhood filled with abuse. among other things his by logical family had neglected him by denying him food. despite knowing this on the morning he died, cedric's teacher punished him by refusing to do his work by

George Miller

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George Miller: delaying his lunch for hours. when cedric tried to leave his classroom to find food, his teacher put him face down in a restraint and sat on him in front of his classmates. he repeatedly cried out that he could not breathe. he died minutes later on the classroom floor. now i'd like to tell you the

George Miller

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George Miller: story of page. -- paige. paige was a bright energetic happy young girl who started a new school in coopertino, california. but page has as perfectinger's syndrome and came home from her school first week with bruises complaining that her teacher hurt her. paige's parents confronted the

George Miller

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George Miller: teacher who denied causing the bruising. she did admit for restraining paige for wriggling a loose tooth. her parents were shocked to learn later that the teacher had lied and she actually held paige face down and sat on her. sitting on a 7-year-old for wiggling a loose tooth. paige barely weighed 40 pounds. over the course of many months,

George Miller

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George Miller: paige was repeatedly abused and injured during restraint incidents until her parents finally pulled her out of the school. she survived but she still bears the emotional scars of this abuse. cedric's and paige's stories are not isolated incidents in america's schools today. last may the general accountability office told our committee about the shocking

George Miller

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George Miller: wave of abuse of children in our public and private schools. this abuse was happening at the hands of untrained school staff who are misusing restraint and seclusion. hundreds of students across the u.s. who have been victims of this abuse. these victims include students with disabilities and students without disabilities. many of these victims were

George Miller

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George Miller: children as young as 3 and 4 years of age, in some cases hildren died. restraint and seclusion are complicated practices. there are emergency intervention that is should be used only as a last resort and only by trained professionals. the g.a.o. found that too off these techniques are being used in schools under the guise of

George Miller

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George Miller: discipline or coenience. last year in my home state of california there were more than 14,300 cases of seclusion and restraint and other, quote, emergency interventions. we don't know how many of these cases were actual emergenes. we have federal laws in place to prevent these types of abuses from happening in hospitals and other

George Miller

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George Miller: community-based facilities that receive federal funding. but currently there are no federal laws on the books to protect children from these abuses in the schools where they spend most of their time. without a federal standard, state policies and oversight vary wildly. leaving children vulnerable. of the 31 states that have established some law, many are

George Miller

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George Miller: not comprehensive in approach and several only address restraint or address seclusion not necessarily both. for example, in one state the rules only for children enrolled in pre-k. in another only for children with autism are protected. and yet another example only residential schools are covered.

George Miller

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George Miller: many states allow restraint or seclusion in nonemergency situations, simply to protect property or to maintain order. no child should be subject to these extreme interventions for simple noncompliance like the 7-year-old who died after being restrained for blowing bubbles in her milk.

George Miller

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George Miller: . madam speaker, when these abuses occur, it isn't just the individual victims who suffers. it hurts the classmates who witnesses these events. it undermines the vast majority of teachers, staff who are trying to give the students a qualiteducation. it's a nightmare for everyone involved.

George Miller

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George Miller: we are here today to try to end this nightmare. we're here today to make sure that no other child suffers this same fate as cedric and page. the keeping all students safe act will ensure that all children are safe and protected in schools. this bill takes a balanced approach to addressing a very serious problem. for -- for the first time it

George Miller

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George Miller: will establish minimum safety standards for schools similar to federal protections in place for children in other facilities. under this legislation physical restraint and seclusion can only be used to stop danger of injury. it prohibits strapping children to chairs or duct taping parts

George Miller

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George Miller: of their body or any restraint that restricts their breathing. it prohibits chemical restraint, using medication to control behavior without a doctor's prescription. the bill will also require students to notify parents after a restraint or seclusion incident so that parents don't learn about these abuses from whistle blowing teache or from their own children's

George Miller

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George Miller: bruises. madam speaker, we all agree that teachers play a single most important role in helping students grow, thrive and succeed. teachers support this bill because it focuses on keeping both students and staff safe, giving teachers the support they need to do their jobs. it asks the states to ensure that enough school personnel are properly trained to keep

George Miller

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George Miller: both students and staff safe, encourages schools to implement positive approaches t managing behavioral issues. madam speakeri'm very proud that we worked on this legislation in a bipartisan way. i want to thank congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers for her diligence, persuasion and hard work in fashioning this legislation.

George Miller

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George Miller: i'd also like to thank the national disability rights network for bringing this abuse to the attention, the national school board association, and more than a hundred other organizations for their support. nothing is more important than keeping our children safe. it's time to end this abuse. i believe this legislation will

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