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Steve King

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Steve King: h.r. 4247. i thank you mr. speaker and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from minnesota. mr. kline: i'm pleased to yield three minutes to the gentleman from iowa, mr. king. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. king: i thank the gentleman from minnesota for yielding and i appreciate the stance he's takingon this resolution, this bill h.r. 4247.

Steve King

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Speech By: Steve King

Steve King

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Steve King: first, mr. speaker, i'd like to say a couple of words about the 10th amendment and those rights that are reserves for the states or to the people respectively. what are the states doing wrong? how is it that the states that now 31 of them have some type of controlling legislation, 15 states are taking a look at this, that adds up to 46 states

Steve King

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Steve King: that could potentially have this resolved, each in their own fashion. what is the crisis that requires uncle sam to step in and ignore the direct guidance in the 10th amendment of the constitution itself. so i'm going to stand on the states' rights side and if i were in one of these states and

Steve King

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Steve King: this legislation were to pass, my response would be to the federal government, keep your money. we don't need these strings attached because it's one thing after another after another after another and pretty soon it's a national curriculum with federal mandates and imposing cultural impositions at the school level in every school, every accredited district in the country. onof the cases in point will

Steve King

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Steve King: be, this is about keeping our students safe, if this is about keeping all students safe act, which is the title of it, then we ought to take a look at the president's czar. thpresident has appointed a safe and drug free schools czar. his name is kevin jennings. i don't know what kevin jennings says about this particular bill but if he's

Steve King

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Steve King: appointed to this task, i would think he'd be the person who testified before the hearings. i suspect that the president of the united states isn't interested in having kevin jennings come before the cameras here in the united states congress because he's made a to tallity of his life about promoting homosexuality within the schools and much of it at the elementary school level.

Steve King

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Steve King: he's written the foreword in a book called queering elementary education which aims to indoctrinate elementary students with homosexuality. additionally, kevin jennings has written several other books, "mama's boy, teacher's

Steve King

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Steve King: son," where he writes about his use of illegal and illicit drugs. if there's going to be -- if he's in charge of safe and dwug-free schools, he should offer something safety for kids. but he has another ageneral dark the promotion of

Steve King

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Steve King: homosexuality in our schools. he's spoken in a favorable way about harry haye, who is on the cover of nambla magazine, the north american man-boy love association magazine he said of harry haye he's always inspired by him. some of these things, mr.

Steve King

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Steve King: speaker, i'm not going to say into the record. if i did, i expect that somebody on my side of the aisle would move to take my words down. this is the safe and drug-free schools czar who has crossed the line over and over again, made it clear he's advocating for homosexuality in our

Steve King

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Steve King: schools, much of it in the

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