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House Proceeding 03-04-10 on Mar 4th, 2010 :: 1:00:40 to 1:05:20
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Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: i think the majority better be ready to endure the wrath of the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, i believe that our republican leader, john baner, has said it very clearly. and that is that the way we are

Pete Sessions

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Speech By: Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions

1:00:58 to 1:01:19( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: operating is not the best interest of this house, the institution, the members, we have heard lots of colleagues on the other side come down and argue about this isn't even a jobs bill because it's not even going to create jobs and how inefficient it is. but until this democratic

Pete Sessions

1:01:20 to 1:01:45( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: leadership agrees that they want to be open, that they want to be honest about what's in the bl, and that they want to be ethical about how decisions are made, republicans are going to keep coming down to this floor. and many times i have argued openly in front of our rules committee chairman, louise

Pete Sessions

1:01:46 to 1:02:06( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: slaughter, i said, please know that the republican party wants to be better at our job not as loyal opposition but as an alternative party and you do not even allow us an opportunity to know what's in the bills.

Pete Sessions

1:02:07 to 1:02:28( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: ridiculous. so we find ourself in theole of asking questions, making statements, and doing things that to the american people looks awkward and quite honestly unprofessional. i lay at the feet of the speakerf the house and the democratic leadership and my

Pete Sessions

1:02:29 to 1:02:49( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: great rules committee chairman, louise slaughter, once again a request if you want this body to have a chance to not look unprofessional and perhaps stupid like we don't know what we are doing and gain back some trust of the american people, you got to open up the process. to where we as members of

Pete Sessions

1:02:50 to 1:03:10( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: congress are able to come down with an educated opportunity to understand what's in the bill, to engage our colleagues on a professional basis, and to be able to thoughtfully talk about the content of the bill. this is an embarrassment it is

Pete Sessions

1:03:11 to 1:03:32( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: an embarrassment that after we heard a year ago we'll start going through regular order now, we are still not doing that. that members of congress cannot even see the bill hours before they read it, nor do we know the content because nobody came to explain it. and it's wholly inadequate to

Pete Sessions

1:03:33 to 1:03:53( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: people who are back home, madam speaker, to expect their member of congress who comes up here 40 weeks a year to represent people and be told, we don't even know what's in the bill. i encourage a no vote. i encourage a no vote on this

Pete Sessions

1:03:54 to 1:04:15( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: rule and i will say that once again to my friends that are democrats, if you want to read the bill, if you wa to open up the process, your vote is the one that will make it happen. don't blame that on somebody else. i have said it over the years. you want to read the bill, then

Pete Sessions

1:04:16 to 1:04:36( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: vote no on the rule. if you're perfectly happy with the process that's happening, go ahead and support this rule. but don't go back home and tell people, i didn't have a chance. their vote matters on this floor. madam speaker, every single one of us were issued a card, a

Pete Sessions

1:04:37 to 1:04:58( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: voting card. that should be controlled by the member not by somebody else. and today the republican party is coming down once again on this floor and saying directly to the american people and the speaker of the house of representatives, we are not happy. the process is flawed. and we are going to hold accountable every member that

Pete Sessions

1:04:59 to 1:05:19( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: votes for this rule today. just like we are for the others. so if you bring what we coider to be a less than stellar bill to the floor and the process is part of that participation and you shut it out, you can expect to hear the same from the republican party. we want to be a part of this

Pete Sessions

1:05:20 to 1:05:23( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: process. the american people do.

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