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House Proceeding 03-04-10 on Mar 4th, 2010 :: 1:01:25 to 1:07:15
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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: isneither safe nor politic nor popular but do it because it's right. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. ms. ros-lehtinen. mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to take her time. the speaker pro tempore: without jection, the gentleman from indiana is recognized for five minutes. mr. burton: you know, mr. speaker, i have great respect

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

1:01:42 to 1:02:02( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: for my colleague who just spoke and while listening to him a lot of people in their offices pbably would think, well, we're against the changes in the health care procedures in this country. that couldn't be further from the truth. obviously the health care system in this country needs to be adjusted, needs to be changed.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: but do we want a bill that's 2,700 pages long, that's going to cost about $3 trillion a year that we don't have and is going to put the government between people and their doctors, that's going to end up being a socialistic kind of approach to medicine and which i believe will destroy one of the greatest health care systems in the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: world, the best health care until world? i think it's a mistake to approach this from the standpoint that there's only one way to solve the problem and that is the way that the president wants to shove through the congress and doesn't want to even talk to the republicans or the minority about this. we've had all kinds of suggestions, you know, buying

Dan Burton

1:02:47 to 1:03:07( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: insurance across state lines to put more competion in it, allowing small businesses to band together to get the same kind of rates that major corporatio, individual medical savings accounts, making sure that people can take their insurance with them when they go to a new job, pre-existing conditions. there's all kinds of things that we've suggested -- suggestioned -- suggestioned that we support

Dan Burton

1:03:08 to 1:03:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: -- suggested that we support that will reduce the cost of health care and give everybody the opportunity to have health care. and we've suggested these time and again, the president had a bunch of our leaders down at the white house just recently and then he finally ended up by saying as he left, well, we'll leefpk it up to the electorate, that's what elections are for.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: indicating they're going to push through their plan whether we like it or not and their plan is going to cost trillions of dollars that we don't have. they're going to have 10 years of coverage with only six years of taxes and so when you take the overall cost and really figure it out, it's not gng to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: cost $700 billion or $800 billion as they said it's going to cost about $1.6 trillion minimum over the next 10 years. and what are they doing to get these votes? i will never impugn the integrity of my colleagues but i think it's important that the american people know, mr. speaker, if they happen to be paying attention or my colleagues in their offices

Dan Burton

1:04:12 to 1:04:32( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: what's being done to get these votes. in louisiana senator land rue is going to get between $1 and $300 million additional for her state medicaid population. vermont's going to get an extra $600 million in medicaid funding. they want to get those votes so they're porking up a little extra money for them in order to get those votes. at least that's the appearance.

Dan Burton

1:04:33 to 1:04:53( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: vermont and massachusetts, secured $1.2 billion in medicaid money, a change that was described as a correction to the current system which exempts those two states because they have robust health care systems. vermont sator sanders als boasted he was going to get an investment worth $10 billion to $14 billion for community health care centers that the rest of the country will be paying for.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: florida and new york and pennsylvania, they're going to protect -- they're going to have protected medicare advantage benefits even as the program sees massive cuts in other parts of the country. hawaii's getting a benefit, secured an increase in medicaid disproportion share hospital payments in hawaii while the other 49 states pay more for

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: that special benefit. senator bachus reportedly secured expanded medicare coverage for victims of asbestos exposure in libby, mtana, in mine in libby, montana. they're giving these things out to get their votes. at least that's the appearance. connecticut secured $100 million for a health care facity. western states secured higher

Dan Burton

1:05:36 to 1:05:57( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: federal reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals that the other states don't get in order to get votes. cat lack plans, the unions secured a special deal with the senate bill. it was a $60 billion exemption for union workers from the quote, cadillac tax on health insurance. now, while president obama's latest proposal removes the,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: quote, nebraska deal that was scheduled to buy a vote from a senator there, the unions still get their cadillac plans. if president obama's so concerned about public perceptions created with backroom dealing, why didn't he propose to strike all the special agreements which he did not? and then of course we just heard that one of our colleagues, mr.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: matheson, who voted against the health care bill, his brother was just appointed to the united states court of appeals for the u.s. 10th circuit. i wouldn't impute his integrity at all, but it does look peculiar that they're trying to get his vote an his brother was appointed to the circuit court of appeals. these things bother the people

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: of this country at at a time when we really need to revise health care. i yield back the balance of my time. . the speaker pro tempore: ms.

Dan Burton

1:07:05 to 1:07:16( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: titus, mr. defazio. ms. kaptur. the chair lays before the house

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