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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: public option and we'll give it a shot. thank you very much. and i yield the rest of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from kansas. mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to take his time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from indiana, mr. burton. mr. burton: i wasn't going to come down here and speak tonight, but i saw my colleague,

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: who's a trial lawyer coming down here to talk. and the trial lawyers have been doing very ll over the years suing doctors and driving up the cost of medical care because of the suits that have to be paid and the insurance that the doctors have to buy to protect themselves against malpractice

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: claims is astronomical. some states, doctors are leaving the state or retiring from their practices because they can't afford to pay those premiums and/or they are worried to death they are going to lose everything they worked sa whole lifetime to attain through a lawsuit.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: it's not a surprise to me, my colleague, who is a trial lawyer, would be down here talking to the changes that he thinks ought to be made in health care. we have an alternative. our alternative is to allow small businesses to buy insurance for their employees at the same rates as a muy jor corporation, to allow small businesses and individuals to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: buy insurance across state lines so there is more competition in the system, to come up with tort reform which will limit these astounding settlements that these trial lawyers get. there is a whole host of things we talked about putting into legislation that will solve the problems of health care, but they don't want to talk about it.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: in fact, they say we are the party of no and don't want to solve the health care problems. we do want to solve the health care problems and we can without destroying the free enterprise system. they are for government takeover of medicine. that is socialized medicine and they want to see the government

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: telling all of us what kind of care we get, who we get it from, when we get it and what rationing might take place. and there will be rationing of health care if their plan passes and that's something i don't think the american people want. they want to take $500 billion

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: out of medicare and medicare advantage. what is that going to do? that's going to add to the problem that they say is going to solve. putting the government in complete control of health care is not going to be the answer. we have problems that need to be solved. they can be solved. they can be solved within the free enterprise system. we don't want to destroy free

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: enterprise in america. there are those on that side -- and i believe the white house believes government should run everything, they should run health care. they should run energy like the cap and trade bill. they should run the auto industry. they want to run the finance industry. and the crown jewel is health

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: care because health care is 1/6 of our economy. they get that and they're on their way to the government controlling every part of our lives, at least in large part. this is something we don't believe in in america. we believe in the free enterprise system and the ability of the people to succeed, and people who come

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: from no where to make the system works and we don't want the government telling us what we can and can't do. if their health care bill passes, make no mistake about it, there will be rationing of health care and bureaucrats coming between people and their doctors and government here in washington will be making decisions for people's health care.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: are they taking care of the other problems we are facing in this country? are they solving problems? their program is going to cost at least $1.5 trillion to $3 trillion that we don't have and our kids and grand kids will have to pay for that. that's unbelievable we pass to the next generation all the problems we face today.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: we could solve the problem if they'll sit down and work with us. they keep saying we aren't working with them. they have an 80 i-vote majority. they can pass anything they want. you, the american people, don't want it, don't want government

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: control over our lives and socialized medicine.

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