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House Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2009 :: 0:10:45 to 0:16:00
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Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: use the -- i strongly urge that we work with him for a new vision, more value, better choices for americans and do it now. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. stearns. for five minutes. mr. stearns: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend.

Cliff Stearns

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Speech By: Cliff Stearns

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. stearns: mr. speaker, the omnibus spending bill is not an example of change here in congress and continues the democrat spending spree in the first two months of the 111th congress. even a record $1.4 trillion

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: budget deficit has not stopped congress' culture of spending on special projects. while families and business owners are cutting back and bringing their budgets under control, congress, under democrat leadership, is spending and earmarking as if nothing has changed.

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: just hear a few highlights of the bill that's being debated in the senate right now. there's an 8% discretionary spending hike. after passing an unprecedented massive spending bill that is the largest this country has ever seen, the democrat leadersh ushered through this house an omnibus bill that will

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: give a staggering 80% increase to discretionary programs when coupled with a $1 trillion stimulus package. this bill will contribute to a $2,000 per household tax hike for every household. it contains 9,300 of special funding requests, projects that cost nearly $13 billion.

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: now, the argument is made that members have a right to make these special district funding requests, but i for one would gladly place a moratorium on all district funding requests until the economy is corrected. let me say again, this omnibus spending bill increases discretionary spending by 8% when less than three weeks ago

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: congress and the president, under democrat leadership, ram through a massive stimulus package where the same discretionary programs received much of the unprecedented $1.1 trillion government spending. now, counting those nds, this spending bill, this omnibus spending bill will institute an

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: 80% spending increase for those programs in 2009 from $378 billion to $680 billion. this spending increased by the democratic party is unprecedented in american history. the domestic spending programs which the omnibus focuses on have not been cut in the past

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: decade. in fact, they've only increase from 2001 to 2008. these programs grew 23% faster than inflation, including incrses for education at 35%, health research at 37%, and veterans' benefits at 54%. it is apparent that during the fiscally challenging times

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: these programs could have survived without some of these large increases. regrettably, the omnibus bill does not offset this new spending, it does not attempt to cut spending or institute reductions in inefficient or duplicate or worthless government programs. let me just gi you another example, mr. speaker, where

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: some savings can be saved. $55 billion annual programs overpayments, $60 billion for corporate welfare, $123 billion for which government auditors can find no evidence of success, $140 billion in potential budget savings identified in the c.b.o. budget options document.

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: programs of duplication. there's 242 programs. 140 programs serving the disabled. they're all duplicate. 130 programs serving at-risk youth. these are duplicate. and there's 90 dupe i will cade early childhood programs. while some these programs may

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: be important, i find it hard that 143 programs paid for by the american taxpayer is vital to the american people. this has been identified, all these programs that are duplicate. unfortunately, taxpayers should not expect change in the future. the administration and the decrats party have already signed into law the state

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: children's health insurance program putting middle-class children who already have private tax insurance on government-run health care program. it weakens the health care reform in the $1.4 trillion package and institutes growth in education, infrastructure and medicaid. last year, president bush

Cliff Stearns

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Cliff Stearns: signed an executive order stating that federal agencies must ignore earmarks that appear in nonbinding conference reports and instead implement only those in the bill text itself. that executive order currently

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