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House Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2009 :: 0:16:05 to 0:20:50
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Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: remains in effect. prident obama, who campaigned on ending politics as usual in washington, to the earmark culture in congress by simply leaving this executive order in place. . with that i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from the state of washington, mr. mcdermott, f

Jim McDermott

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Speech By: Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: five minutes. mr. mcdermott: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. mcdermott: mr. speaker, for the first time in 15 years we have a real chance to solve america's health care crisis. the stars are aligning as it's never been seen before. the american people want a solution. american business needs a solution to stay competitive and

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: retain their best employees. and segments of the industry such as doctors want a solution. and the president and the congress have started a dialogue. yet despite all those positive signs, we must not make the mistake of leaving a solution will be at hand or it will come easily. as a nation we stand at a crossroads. either sweeping reform or

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: sweeping this crisis under the rug with another band-aid. we have to translate the national dialogue into legislation that makes access to affordable health care coverage what it must be in a free and democratic society. a right and not a privilege. there are lots of pieces to that puzzle and some are readily solvable more than others.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: in fact, i think some early victories might help instill confidence in the american people. let me give you an example. when i graduate interested medical school, i was $500 in debt. after my entire medical education. today the average medical student is well over $100,000 in debt, and when you're under water by that much money, you

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: are forced to make decisions based on debt service not on public service. across america from inner cities to rural communities, we are woefully short of primarily doctors. as long as new doctors have to chase high-paying jobs to pay off their debt, we are going to remain short staffed in these underserved areas in our

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: country. today i'm introducing legislation that would offer scholarships that would pay for most all of tuition for medical students in public colleges if they will apply their medical training in underserved areas when they graduate. an even exchange. one year of tuition for one year of service.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: the american medical aociation says there are 45,000 students enrolled last year in public medical colleges and the mean cost of tuition was $20,000 a year for a total investment of less than $1 million per year, my legislation would provide a work force so that every american can have access to

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: affordable health care wherever they live. e scholarships would be accessible to a medical student who is enrolled full-time and in good academic standing at a public institution. imagine the positive impact that we would have if we empowered new doctors to serve their country and the highest ideals of their profession instead of serving their debt load.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: it is important to make the financial commitment at the beginning of medical school so that students will study areas where they will be related to in primary care. anyone who knows me knows i have long advocated a universal health care system providing a medical set of benefits for everyone.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: but we cannot get universal coverage or any interim step on the way to universal coverage without addressing and reducing the cost of health care education for our doctors. we could make significant impact by lowering the cost of health care work force if my bill were accept. -- were accepted. we would do something else.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: there are a loft talented young people who don't have the financial means to go into medical school and fear a crushing debt burden even if they qualify. by removing that mountain of debt, we could use that rock to build a foundation for a permanent solution. we can solve america's health care problem.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: and we can do it before the end of this year, but this is a first step that must happen. we must think about the work force that will provide that universal access to everyone in the country. we cannot continue with the present funding of health care education and expect that we are going to have the people to

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: provide the the wellness care, to do the prevention they will all go into high-paid specialties to pay off their debt. this bill is a step that we must

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