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Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: brought us the sooner we realize that i think it will be better for the taxpayer. the speaker pro tempore: thank expired. the gentlewoman from california, ms. lee. speaker. i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. lee: madam speaker, i come to the floor today to join my distinguished league,

Barbara Lee

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Speech By: Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: congresswoman lynn woolsey, and recognize her for her 300th specialoid or five minute speech on going -- special order or five-minute speech on the ongoing mission in iraq. i also stand here calling for an end, i unjust war and return of our troops and military contractors from iraq. congresswoman woolsey, let me

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: commend you for being such an unparalleled leader and a guiding light in congress for peace, for smart security, and for justice. congresswoman woolsey, if you may remember, offered the first resolution calling for the withdrawal of our young men and women and the redeployment and bringing them home. that was years ago. and today congresswoman woolsey,

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: thanks to your leadership i think we are closer to where that first resolution where you stepped out on faith but knew that was the right thing to do. i think we are closer to that day. congresswoman maxine water founder of the out of iraq caucus, congresswoman woolsey and myself, co-founded the out

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: of iraq caucus, to amplify this important message and the call to action to end this warf choice. that's what it is. congresswoman woolsey has been the one who has been down here representing us and representing the voices of peace in the entire country each and every day to make sure that she has shown the light on the untold

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: hazards and costs of the united states military presence in iraq. as co-chair of the progressive caucus, congresswoman woolsey has worked tirelessly to bring attention to these vital issues of global peace and national security. so today, 300 times, this is really an amazing milestone.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: so i'm very, very pleased to be able to be with you today, congresswoman woolsey. and also just to say i'm proud that you're my colleague and sister next to my district from the north. it's really, though, with a heavy heart that i note next week that our country will enter into the seventh year of this unnecessary and immoral war in iraq.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: six years of unnecessary bloodshed in iraq we have wasted too much american treasure, drained too much and too many of our american resources, and most importantly, madam speaker, we have, unfortunately, claimed too many american lives. of february 25, 2009, according to the defense

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: department, 4,252 brave service men and women have given their lives, and more than 30,000 united states troops have been injured. this war has already cost the american people more than $650 billn. this $10 billion a month. as the economy spirals further and further into crises.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: the cost to the people of iraq also have been far greater. tens of thousands of iraqi men, women, and children have been killed. more than a million iraqis have fled their homes and live as refugees. hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced. as we have watched our federal resources go toward the continuation of violence and

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: strife in iraq, congresswoman woolsey over and over again,00 times now, that these are dollars that are not coming back into our communities or toward vital programs to help our neighbors most in need. we have committed morer than a half trillion dollars to an occupation that, yes, has undermined our standing and

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: credibility in the world. the enormous costs of which will now doubt be exacted in the physical and economic security of future generations. of course we know this simple truth that no unjust war ever produced a just and lasting peace. so we look forward to working with our new administration to continue our efforts to bring

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: our troops and military contractors home. i have to say again to congresswoman woolsey, thank you for your unwavering leadership and commitment. i'm truly proud to serve with you in this body. . when this unfortunate chapt for

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: the american hist are is -- history is written, your courage and resolve before this body will be long remembered. also your special orders should be acknowledged for their effort to rally the american people to demand an end to this war and finally bring our troops home. this is a milestone today. hopefully we won't have too

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: many more 300 times of your

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