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House Proceeding 03-10-10 on Mar 10th, 2010 :: 1:09:10 to 1:13:45
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John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: go ahead and prosecute a war when he or she, in the future, determines necessary. i yield four minutes to the gentleman, mr. duncan. you may proceed. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. duncan: i rise in support of this resolution. there is nothing conservative about the war in afghanistan. in fact, it goes against every

John J. Jr.Duncan

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Speech By: John J. Jr.Duncan

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: traditional conservative position i've ever known. it has meant massive foreign aid which we cannot afford, which conservatives have been the biggest critics. it's meant huge deficit spending shortly after the congress -- at a time that the congress raised our national debt to over $14 trillion.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: conservatives have been the biggest critics of the u.n. and biggest opponents to world government. and certainly the war in afghanistan has right field with that. fiscal conservatives should be horrified about the hundreds of billions that has been spent over there. this war has gone on for more than eight years. at a time when the war in iraq

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: had gone on for a far shorter time than that. william f. buckley, who opposed the war in iraq, wrote this about that war. he said, "a respect for the power of the united states is injendered by our success and engagements which we take part. a point is reached when

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: tenacity conveys not steadfast ness purpose but misapplication of pride." and he went on to say that if this war drags on -- talking about the war in iraq -- he said whether there had been skepticism there would be contempt. there is nothing conservative

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: about the war in afghanistan. george, the conservative foreign affairs columnist. al about the war in iraq but it applies to war as well. she said critics of the war have said since the beginning of the conflict that americans still strangely complacent about overseas wars being waged by minorities in theiname

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: will enevidentably come to a point where they see they have to have a government that provides services at home or one that seeks empire across the globe. and we should rember, madam speaker, that even general petraeus said we should never forget that afghanistan has been known as the graveyard of empires. our constitution does not give us the power or the right to

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: run another country. and that's what we've been doing. it should have come as no surprise, madam speaker, that president karzai of afghanistan told abs recently that the -- abc news recently that the u.s. needs to stay there 10 or 20 years. he needs our money and he wants to stay in power.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: but listen to what columnist george will has said. he has changed his position and written about afghanistan that the budget will not support an expansion there, the military, quote, will be hard pressed to execute it and america's patience will not be commensurate with afghanistan's limitless demands. this will not end well. those were not my words. those are the words of george will.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: a very small but very powerful neoconservatives who are not conseative at all havelmost controlled u.s. foreign policy for years. they are supported by very large u.s. companies who benefit from war and the billions of spending to requires. george will wrote in that same column. he say the that neoconservatives are, quote, magnificently misnamed and that

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: they are really, quote, the most radical people in this town. the pentagon now says it cost $1 billion per year for each 1,000 troops that we send there. we can't afford this, madam speaker. we can't afford to keep spending hundreds of billions in afghanistan. we're not cutting and running. we've been there over eight years now. if this resolution passes,

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: we'll there nine years. that is too long. it's not only enough. it's far too long. it's time to do the best thing we can do for our troops and bring our young men and women home. thank you very much. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired.

John J. Jr.Duncan

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John J. Jr.Duncan: who seeks recognition? the gentlewoman from florida. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you very much, madam speaker. i'd like to yield two to the gentleman from nebraska, mr. fortenberry, a member of our committee on foreign affairs and the ranking member of the agriculture subcommittee

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