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House Proceeding 03-10-10 on Mar 10th, 2010 :: 2:57:25 to 3:01:00
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Steve King

2:57:25 to 2:57:46( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: we can create moving towards a democracy with? i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from florida is recognized. ms. ros-lehtinen: i'm pleased to yield three minutes to the gentleman from iowa, mr. king, a member of the agriculture and small business committees and the ranking member on the jew dish subcommittee on

Steve King

2:57:25 to 3:01:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve King

Steve King

2:57:47 to 2:58:07( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: immigration, citizenship, refugees, border security and international law. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. king: thank you, madam speaker. and i thank the gentlelady from florida for yielding to me. i rise in opposition to h.con.res 248. it's not with disrespect for my colleague from ohio. and i'm confident that the gentleman from ohio is aware of that.

Steve King

2:58:08 to 2:58:28( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: but i read this resolution and to me, madam speaker, it reads as a retreat resolution. i think about the times that america has been characterized as retreating. as i look back through the history that i've lived through and the history that i've studied, i think of a little book that i have in my office that i wish i would have brought over here.

Steve King

2:58:29 to 2:58:49( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: it's the book on how we won the war by general jap of vietnam, north vietnam at the time. i came across that book repeatly and began reading through it. what was going through the mind of a vietnamese general. we didn't lose the war here.

Steve King

2:58:50 to 2:59:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: it was lost in the united states and a lot of it exactly on the floor of this congress in debates that is similar to the debates we have today. it's on page 8. it's not worth reading the book. they got the inspiration because the united states had negotiated an agreement with -- in korea. where did they get the

Steve King

2:59:11 to 2:59:32( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: inspiration to win the war against us in vietnam? they saw we didn't fight the korean war through a final victory but negotiated a settlement. and then i'd fast forward to june 11, 2004, where i was waiting sitting ogo into iraq

Steve King

2:59:33 to 2:59:53( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the next day and then muqtada al-sadr said with english closed caption say they will leave iraq the same way they left vietnam, the same way they left lebanon, the same way they left mogadishu. that's the inspiration of not only our enemies of al qaeda in iraq and around the world, it's

Steve King

2:59:54 to 3:00:14( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the inspiration for awful our enemies around the world and it was the inspiration for osama bin laden when he ordered the attack on the united states on september 11, 2001. we cannot -- we cannot lose our world. when we engage in an operation, we got to push it through success. and in fact that legacy of

Steve King

3:00:15 to 3:00:36( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: lebanon, vietnam and mogadishu has been put to rest by a victory in iraq, a victory that would not have been achieved if the people that brought these debates to the floor 44 times in the 110th congress, resolutions that were designed to under fund, underfund or undermine our troops. now we have a victory in iraq

Steve King

3:00:37 to 3:00:57( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: that's being claimed by this administration who opposed it back then. i don't trust the judgment of people who have always been against armed conflict. i trust the judgment of the people that fight and win wars and the people that lead us through those wars that we fight and win. this is an american destiny question that is before us, and if we walk away from this conflict in afghanistan for any

Steve King

3:00:58 to 3:01:00( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: reason, america's destiny will forer be diminished and they

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