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House Proceeding 03-10-10 on Mar 10th, 2010 :: 3:11:50 to 3:16:00
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Dennis J. Kucinich

3:11:47 to 3:12:10( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: colleagues to vote no on the resolution before us and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. kucinich: i want to thank our majority leader for his participation and also for his cooperation in assuring that this debate could happen. you and our speaker and mr.

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:11:50 to 3:16:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dennis J. Kucinich

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:12:11 to 3:12:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: berman are appreciated for your willingness to provide for this moment to happen so that the house could be heard from. so, thank you. i would ask, madam speaker, how much time remains in the debate? i'm sure we're winding down

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:12:37 to 3:12:59( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: here. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio has 13 1/2 minutes remaing. the gentleman from california has nine minutes remaing and the gentlelady from florida has five minutes remaining. mr. kucinich: i yield myself three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes.

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:13:00 to 3:13:21( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: mr. kucinich: one of the areas about our concerns that have of our presence in afghanistan that i haven't seen discussed that much deals with the oil and gas, particularly in afghanistan. paul craig roberts who is an assistant secretary of treasury under the reagan administration reported in november of last year on a former british

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:13:22 to 3:13:42( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: ambassador to uzbekistan, who was fired from his job when he spoke out about documents he saw, quote, proving that the motivation for u.s. and u.k. military aggression in afghanistan had something to do with the natural gas deposits in uzbekistan and terkman stan, unquote. he continues and this is his

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:13:43 to 3:14:04( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: words, the aricans wanted a pipeline that bypassed russia and iran and went through afghanistan. to ensure this an invasion was necessary, unquote. i did some additional research on that and i found an article by craig murray where he claims that mr. karzai, quote, was put in place because of his role with unical in devoting the --

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:14:05 to 3:14:29( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: in developing the transafrican gas pipeline project that remains a chief strategic goal. the asian development bank has agreed to finance to start construction in spring of 2011. it is, of course, a total coincidence that 30,000 extra u.s. troops will arrive six months before and that the u.s.,

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:14:30 to 3:14:51( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: as opposed to other nato forces, the area correspondents witthe pipeline route. i have a map of the pipeline. and if you -- it's probably not easily visible, but it starts on the west in turkmenistan, goes through afghanistan, south of pakistan and india.

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:14:52 to 3:15:12( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: and it touches near both helmond and kandahar province which is exactly where our troop buildup is occurring. so i'd ask unanimous consent to put this letter from mr. murray, this article, into the record. i also ask unanimous consent for this article on the afghanistan

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:15:13 to 3:15:34( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: pipeline to be submitted into the record. spoip without objection. mr. kucinich: because he talks about how unical wasn't interested in partnership. the u.s. government, its transnational companies and elites in west had coveted the same route for years. that the transafghanistan pipeline was not just a businessmanner but a key

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:15:35 to 3:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: component of a broad strategic agenda, a military and economic control of eurasia and this is supposedly described in a book, "the grand ches board." capturing the region's oil wealth and carving out territory

Dennis J. Kucinich

3:15:57 to 3:16:01( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: in order to build routes was a primary objective of u.s. military interventions

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