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Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: hurps. the speak pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from new york, mr. meeks, and the gentleman from california, mr. miller, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york. mr. mix: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent -- mr. meeks: madam speaker, i ask that all members have five

Gregory W. Meeks

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Speech By: Gregory W. Meeks

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on this legislation and insert extraneous material thereon. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. meeks: i yield myself five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. meeks: -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend, please. if we could get some order.

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: if -- will people please take their conversations off the floor. the gentleman will proceed. mr. meeks: today, madam speaker, we consider an issue close to all of our hearts. haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on january 12 of this year. the country, which was finally making strides to a more stable

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: and economic political role after so many failed governments of the past was rocked by a natural disaster of historic proportions. the images of the disaster are pressure fresh in our minds and the desire of the global community and the average american citizen to help haiti recover as fast as possible are

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: clear and gives us all hope. earlier today i joined with president obama and other members of the house at the white house in restating america's commitment to stand by our brothers and sisters in haiti and lend them a hand up to get back on the path to economic growth and social healing. in speaking with president perval today, i told him haiti's debt relief was the

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: first of a broader set of iniatives we would undertake to allow the people of haiti to rebuild their businesses, their lives, and their communities. as cir of the international monetary trade subcommittee, i am proud to have moved this bill successfully in a?? strongly bipartisan manner, and i thank the woman who worked hard to

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: make this bill happen, the chairwoman of the subcommittee of housing, the gentlelady from california, maxine waters, who has been a long and hard supporter for haiti. forgiving haiti's debts to the world bank, i.m.f., and iadd is a good policy is the right thing to do.

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: but forgiving the debts alone will not diver tents to provide shelter from the impeding rainy system. debt relief alone won't rebuild hospitals, roads, and schools they hey tee needs to get back two. debt relief alone won't develop

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: the human capital the country needs so desperately. from the state department to the other departments, we must not lose sight of the longer term needs of this country its government and its ople. indeed, we are now moving to the second and third phase of a

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: long and arduous process, mainly moving from immediate rescue to reconstruction and ultimately long-term economic recovery. doing this will require leadership by the haitian people andovernment as they take ownership for their future. it will also require effective coordination of our aid and development efforts to eliminate waste, duplication

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: and ultimately loss of good will. as we do all this and its implementation as planned, special attention needs to be paid to the need to rebuild haiti's human capita several government agencies are at work doing this and aisle ep -- i'll keep pressure on on them as will others in this house as well as on banks and

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: other institutions to ensure they invest heavily in developing the people of haiti and the institutions of haiti to allow them to effectively govern and set their own path to a brighter future with dignity and independence. lastly, i will keep the pressure on the international institutions to deliver resources to haiti without adding to the nation's long-term debt burden.

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: in over 200 years of independence, haiti has been saddled with unsustainable debts. whether extraordinary high debtswed to the french as a condition of independence, as often brought up by congressman green of houston, or international institutions saddling the people of haiti with debts diverted by

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: dictators in the second half of the 20th century, or over $1 billion in debt owed today despite the country having earned debt forgiveness last year. the people of haiti have worked far too long and far too hard to repay debt they had little say in securing and which

Gregory W. Meeks

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Gregory W. Meeks: yielded little benefit to the average citizen this game of debt accrual and debt forgiveness must end. i will be doing my part to try to make sure that happens. the people of haiti deserve better than that and deserve a

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