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Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: joined by my good friend from minnesota, mrs. bachmann, would you like to add to the cnversation? mrs. bachmann: thk you so much. i appreciate the gentlelady from ohio for inviting me. i also want to honor her for her service as the head of the pro-life women's caucus here in the united states congress. we benefit greatly from your leadership and we appreciate all that you do.

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Speech By: Michelle Marie Bachmann

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: this is the first issue that all of us have to dea with, the issue of life, going all the way back to the declaration of independence. if you look at the declaration, the unalienable rights, the rights that no government can give, no government could take away, that were given to each one of us, the very personal right by our creator, the first one is life.

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: and that's why this issue is central in every debate that we have. how will we as an american government and society deal with vouch saving life? -- vouchsafing life? because in the declaration it says that governments were instituted to secure the unalienable of life.

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:03:51 to 1:04:11( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: that's why we are here. to make sure life is a value we uphold and safe. i appreciate so much the chart that the cheal has put up to demonstrate -- the gentlelady has put up to demonstrate that 70% of americans oppose funding r abortions. that's what we are going to see in this health care bill going forward. i'm sure my colleague, dr. roe, addressed that very well, that

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:04:12 to 1:04:33( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: americans don't want to have their tax dollars paid for other -- pay for other people's abortions and have their consciouses violated. that's why we have seen the catholic bishops across the country so heavily involved in this health care debate because they know what will happen. the allen guttmacher institute tells us there will be more abortion it is we have

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:04:34 to 1:04:54( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: government subsidized abortions. as a matter of fact there will probably be a good 30% increase in the number of abortions that we currently have today. that wouldn't be good for e women of america, abortion minded women, and it certainly wouldn't be good for the next generation. in so many countries across the world today, whether it's russia or eastern europe or

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: western europe, certainly italy, greece has a population, replacement rate of 1.3, all of those nations are not replacing themselves. there is a very level of abortion that's occurring in those nations. we don't want to see that here in the united states. we are at replacement, but our population levels could fall.

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: it's not good when a nation's population level fallings below replacement -- falls below replacement and the countries now in russia and western europe are dealing with that fact. it's also a vital -- of vital interest just for the sake of abortion-minded women that they have alternates. -- tarns. all too often what we see are women put into a position they

Michelle Marie Bachmann

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Michelle Marie Bachmann: don't want to be in by their parents, by pressuring boyfriends, to tell them have an abortion because it will cost me money. it will cost me embarrassment. but it's the woman who pays the price. the woman pays the price emotionally. i have just looked at some figures that said that women who have an abortion have a higher risk of death and six

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:06:03 to 1:06:25( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: times more likely to commit suicide. that's such a terrible, horrible outcome for women. there are things that we can do for women who are -- find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. we have pro-life centers all across the nation that would love to have women, whether it's with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasound tests where

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:06:26 to 1:06:46( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: they can see their unborn baby alive, moving within their womb, and then there's also help whether it comes from free clothing during the pregnancy, free help with baby supplies once the baby comes. if a mother chooses -- that she would like to adopt her baby, there are service that is are available that arfree, open

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:06:47 to 1:07:07( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: to women to help them with the adoption. and situations where women can actually help and choose the family that her baby will be raised in. . there are great options for life. i know my husband and i have been involved in foster care, helping children who have been in less than ideal circumstanc.

Michelle Marie Bachmann

1:07:08 to 1:07:15( Edit History Discussion )

Michelle Marie Bachmann: i think dr. roe for the very strong work he's done in the

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