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House Proceeding 03-12-10 on Mar 12th, 2010 :: 2:31:10 to 2:37:10
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Diane E. Watson

2:30:53 to 2:31:14( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: summit, just, i think 10 days ago, sitting around the table were men and women, nearly all of whom, excluding the president and i think just two others who actually belonged to a single payer, universal health care program called medicare. yet man of those people said they wouldn't want anything to do with a universal single

Diane E. Watson

2:31:10 to 2:37:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Diane E. Watson

Diane E. Watson

2:31:15 to 2:31:37( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: payer system, yet they were participating in such a system. so we have been at this a long, long time and in this house, the debate on how to finish the process began one year ago. so there's no rush to judgment here, nor is there a rush to judgment. i yield back. ms. watson: mr. garamendi, if you'll yield for a moment, i

Diane E. Watson

2:31:38 to 2:31:58( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: want to add to this, i request a colloquy so we can speak back to each other, madam chairman, madam speaker. one of the things i'd like to make perfectly clear in this debate, i was listening to the former hour from my office and

Diane E. Watson

2:31:59 to 2:32:20( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: i heard over and over and over again how we are cramming the unknown through. now, prior to this whole new concept of reconciliation, i remember thether side coming

Diane E. Watson

2:32:21 to 2:32:43( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: down with 2,700 pages and talking about what was in those pages. and also mentioning to us, madam speaker, that they had their staff reading through every single word. now i heard them say, congressman garamendi, that we're cramming the unknown

Diane E. Watson

2:32:44 to 2:33:04( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: through. this is highly, highly unreasonable and a misstatement. we intended and we set out to address the 38 uninsured. if you have isurance, and i

Diane E. Watson

2:33:05 to 2:33:27( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: want the public to hear this, the original intent was to cover the 38 million uninsured. and by the way, congressman garamendi, eight million of that 38 million is in california, our state. and six million of those are children.

Diane E. Watson

2:33:28 to 2:33:48( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: would we not want to cover health care for our children? mr. garamendi: if i might for a moment, congresswoman watson, absolutely. it would seem to be the fundamental compassion of a human being to make sure that their children and the community's children, indeed our nation's children have health care.

Diane E. Watson

2:33:49 to 2:34:09( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and we should extend that well beyond to all of us. it is not in our interest as human beings who presumably have compassion to leave people without health care. and we're not rushing to judgment here. we've been at this in america for more than a century and this house has been at it for a

Diane E. Watson

2:34:10 to 2:34:32( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: year, heavily debated. i was just elected to congress back in november, came here three days later and voted on a bill that you and others had worked on for the previous 11 -- 10 months. so here we are with the house having passed its bill, the senate having passed a bill back on christmas eve, i think

Diane E. Watson

2:34:33 to 2:34:55( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: 72 days ago, that bill has been available, it's my understanding that next week we may have an opportunity to vote on the senate bhill and send that to the -- senate bill and send that to the president and then follow up with corrections to the senate bill that are desired by both houses, such things as eliminating that advantage that was given to nebraska and other corrections to the bill.

Diane E. Watson

2:34:56 to 2:35:19( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: so this is not something that's being rushed to judgment. in fact, it's been debated for a century. it's been debated in this house, back in the clinton period. . %%%. ms. watson: this is not mystery content. what we are going to be

Diane E. Watson

2:35:20 to 2:35:40( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: considering are the issues that both sides can agree on. we should have health insurance that is affordable. health insurance that is accessible. you know, the great expanse of land in california, where you go to get your health care, needs to be acks isible to you

Diane E. Watson

2:35:41 to 2:36:02( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and not in another town like it is in so many areas of our districts. mr. garamendi: one of the things that was in both the senate bill and house bill was an effort to expand access to care. specific -- not just with an insurance policy, but also with facilities. there are major improvements and significant sums of money available to expand community

Diane E. Watson

2:36:03 to 2:36:24( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: clinics. where most poor people, many young children, and people that are moving from one town to another are able to get their care. that is enormous expansion of services. so what's wrong with providing a facility, community care, it happens to be good care, and it happens to be very well priced. ms. watson: i think of your

Diane E. Watson

2:36:25 to 2:36:46( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: district over an expansion -- expanse of land. i have gone to other districts in colorado with diana degette and we drove for miles all within her district, town to town. the community clinics will be accessible to people who live in remote areas. then we all agree that we

Diane E. Watson

2:36:47 to 2:37:08( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: wanted to cor pre-existing conditions. of mr. garamendi: i was the insurance commissioner in california, 19 the 1 to 1994, and then again in 2003 to 2008. that eight-year period i saw horrible things being done by the health insurance industry. in the way in which they discriminated, there is one

Diane E. Watson

2:37:09 to 2:37:10( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: lesson that i learned during

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