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Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: came out, she was excluded. i went back an handed her a name and she got coverage. something seriously wrong. and the bills before us next week we eliminate that kind of discrimination. pre-existing conditions as well as secretary of transportation

Diane E. Watson

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Speech By: Diane E. Watson

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: because you happen to be a woman -- as well as discrimination because you happen to be a woman. ms. watson: i'm so appreciative of your knowledge and you live in an area that is a valley in sacramento, california. when i went up to sacramento and i spent 20 years there, and i inherited the health

Diane E. Watson

2:39:42 to 2:40:04( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: committee as you have already mentioned from you, i had it for 17 years, and i found out that i had allergies. and i spent years and years trying to find out why i had these allergies. and then i found that in this valley the allergens collect

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: and i found out that i was allergic to grass, trees, bark, cat hair, the c.b.c.'s, that material. mr. garamendi: you are uninsurable. can you not get a health care policy. ms. watson: exactly. mr. garamendi: unless you happen to live until you are 65.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: when you are 65 you will automatically be available for a single payer universal health care program called medicare. people want to live long enough to get into that system and at that white house meeting most of the gray beards there were 65 and they belonged to that system. ms. watson: i finally made 65

Diane E. Watson

2:40:50 to 2:41:10( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and went beyond. mr. garamendi: i don't believe it. ms. watson: i did. way beyond. the point i'm trying to make here is that americans deserve health care. if you have an insurance company that covers you and your family and you like it, you keep it.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: and i want to make this perfectly car to the public. that many meetings were held, many meeting were held here in congress. no bill gets out of committee that has not been voted on.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: and a majority vote will get the bill out of committee. we hold our meetings in front of the public. when a bill goes through a committee, it's held and spoken to, it's marked up in front of the public. so i want to make that perfectly clear to the viewing

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: audience and the listening audience out there. we did nothing in a closed smokey room. we don't really smoke in all of our rooms. some people do. in california we have a policy that you cannot smoke in any enclosure or outside. you can smoke in your own homes.

Diane E. Watson

2:42:16 to 2:42:36( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: so everything that was in the bill that ware going to consider has been discussed in the public. you were not here for all of those discussions, but you follow policymaking because you served with distinction in the california legislature. you served as a statewide officer. you know something about this.

Diane E. Watson

2:42:37 to 2:42:59( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and thank you for tuning in to what we were doing here. but our premise was, we ought to have a single payer so that every american can feel that they are covered. if we want to keep costs down, we are going to keep people healthy and we even have a

Diane E. Watson

2:43:00 to 2:43:21( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: provision that allows medical students to be able to get grants and scholarships if they then commit to become a general practioner so that people can go, particularly to these clinics or to their hospitals, and all.

Diane E. Watson

2:43:22 to 2:43:43( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: their doctor's offices and stay healthy. that is what is going to save money. we a n doing this, mr. speaker, and congressman garamendi, to increase the deficit. it's just the opposite. we are doing it to save american money, because if you

Diane E. Watson

2:43:44 to 2:44:05( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: don't have good health care, and coverage, and you have a six child, and that child has a fever, what are you going to do? you are going to take that child in to where you see that flashing light. that neon light. that's emergency. that is a costly area in a hospital. and if that child is acutely

Diane E. Watson

2:44:06 to 2:44:26( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: ill, the next stop will be in the surgical suite and that's where the cost goes up. mr. garamendi: congresswoman watson, you are very, very aware of all these having served those many years in the california legislature and also as an ambassador. you understand what apparently our colleagues on the other side tend to miss and that is the cost is in the system and

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: because there are so many uninsured who do wind up in the emergency room, the cost actually goes up. for a variety of reasons i was

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