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House Proceeding 03-16-10 on Mar 16th, 2010 :: 8:40:50 to 8:48:19
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James Jordan

8:40:46 to 8:41:06( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: lost, time is not up, tre is still time to make a difference. i'll yield to the two gentlemen for their final thoughts. mr. gohmert: i just appreciate all the work you've done. there are several bills that have been proposed by republicans. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. burgess: i thank the gentlemen for their time this evening. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy

James Jordan

8:40:50 to 8:48:19( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Jordan

James Jordan

8:41:07 to 8:41:27( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: of january 6, 2009, the chair now recognizes the gentleman from ohio, mr. ryan, for 60 minutes. mr. ryan: thank you, madam speaker. i appreciate the opportunity to come up and continue the discussion on health care from a little different perspective than my friends on the other side have been giving the american people.

James Jordan

8:41:28 to 8:41:49( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: i want to talk about the need for health care reform in the united states of america and what we need to do here in this congress to get it done. we had a nice discussion yesterday in cleveland with the president of the united states. i've been one who has said that, you know, if we're going to do this we need to do it, we've got

James Jordan

8:41:50 to 8:42:11( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: other issues that we're dealing with simultaneously now, with jobs, passing a second jobs bill . my community back in northeast ohio has benefited a great deal from the original stimulus package that has passed here but we need to continue the work of

James Jordan

8:42:12 to 8:42:32( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: getting the american people back to work. and in the short term that means job packages, that means financial reform so we bring some integrity back, but in the next week or so we've got to pass this health care bill. and i know there's been a lot of controversy surrounding this bill, there's been an extended

James Jordan

8:42:33 to 8:42:53( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: discussion over the course of the last year or so on this issue. we've talked about all the issues and now it's time for us to have a vote in the house of representives, hopefully here in the next week, and pass this bill so that we can move the country forward and start

James Jordan

8:42:54 to 8:43:14( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: addressing the other issues of regulatory reform on wall street, trying to bring some discipline back to the financial system. it's also allowing us to go back and continue to focus on the jobs issue. but under this bill, when you talk about long-term economic growth as we try to be competitive in the united states

James Jordan

8:43:15 to 8:43:38( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: , globally competive, competing with china, competing with india, the american business person now has an anchor strapped around their neck in the form of health care costs. and if we think that we can contue to grow our economy, hire american workers, make the proper capital investments, make

James Jordan

8:43:39 to 8:43:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: the investments in technology, if our businesses are asked to compete while dealing with the health care system that over the last five years has increased over 120% for small business people, we are asking our smal business owners to go into the

James Jordan

8:44:00 to 8:44:20( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: shark-infested waters of the insurance market so that they can cover their citizens, their workers and then asked to compete on a global playing field. they can't do it. the small business people are screaming for health care reform.

James Jordan

8:44:21 to 8:44:41( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: now, y want to get into an ideological battle, but what we're trying to deal with on this side of the aisle is practical, pragmatic solutions to the problems that are facing us. looking at the facts, looking at the issues tt are facing our country and addressing those issues in a bipartisan way.

James Jordan

8:44:42 to 8:45:03( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: and i know many on the other side have said, well, we've been locked out i want to know one time when the last president spent seven hours sitting around the table with people from both parties to discuss any issue, let alone health care. president bush never sat down,

James Jordan

8:45:04 to 8:45:25( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: madam speaker, for seven hours, president bush never came to our caucus and had the kind of discussion and question and answer that president obama had a few months ago when he went to the republican caucus and i think shows why he's the president of the united states, by dealing directly with their questions.

James Jordan

8:45:26 to 8:45:46( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: he was able to do that and has included the republicans and tried to include the republicans every single step of the way. . but the republicans are getting their marching orders from their

James Jordan

8:45:47 to 8:46:08( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: poll sters and one of the memos was leaked that said, do not let obama pass health care, because he will suceed and the democrats will succeed and you will be in the minority for decades. that's what their consultants told them. so right from the get-go, our friends on the other side of the

James Jordan

8:46:09 to 8:46:30( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: aisle had no interest in being part of the solution here, because their pol sters were telling them that they had to defeat this bill before we even knew what the bill was. our friends on the othr side of the aisle were calling it socialism and government-run

James Jordan

8:46:31 to 8:46:52( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: medicine before we had a bill to look at and discuss. so they got the media machine all cranked up, got everybody fired up before we had something to talk about. so fast forward through a long discussion, long talks, where we included both sides of the aisle to try to solve these poblems and now we have a solution.

James Jordan

8:46:53 to 8:47:13( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: we have a compromise that president obama has submitted for us to vote on and we continue to get some numbers hopefully tonight on the exact scoring. we know give or take a few bucks where we're at. and we know that this bill wil

James Jordan

8:47:14 to 8:47:35( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: cover 30 milion more americans. and this bill has a number of issues in it that are going to benefit the american people. let's look at some of the issues, some of the pieces of this legislation tht will implemented within the year. small business tax credits.

James Jordan

8:47:36 to 8:47:58( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: the president's proposal will allow small businesses, tax credits up to 35%. we close the doughnut hole in medicare. now our seniors have a couple -- $3,000 where it's covered through medicare part d. and then they fall into a done

James Jordan

8:47:59 to 8:48:19( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: utility hole for months and -- doughnut hole for months and months until part d picks up. our medicare recipients have to come out of pocket. we close that doughnut hole up. we end the recisions, so that people, insunce companies

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