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Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: line ofs of many and the security of our own and allies in the region. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mr. burton. for what purpose does the gentleman from louisiana rise? >> ski unanimous consent to

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Speech By: Charles W. Jr.Boustany

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: claim my time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. boustany: tomorrow, ambassador kirk will meet behind closed doors with the house ways and means committee, and while i appreciate the meeting, why do congressional democrats refuse to talk in the

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: open about creating jobs through internabble trade. i'm encouraged by the opentons promoting american goods and services overseas but the current situation is bleak. nearly one in 10 americans who want work cannot find a job. the recent economic downturn erased the certainty many families came to rely on and

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: now they turn to washington for solutions. unfortunately, a health care overhaul with new mandates, energy taxes that will drive up energy costs and a massive tax code full of quirks and loopholes add to their doubts. to truly grow american jobs, entrepreneurs and businesses need new markets where they can

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: compete to sell their products. we must restore american competiveness to create new jobs and a prosperous future. with 95% of the world's consumers living outside the united states, our ability to compete fairly and successfully in these markets is vital to our long-term economic growth and security. as the president said last

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: week, i quote, we need to compete for those customers because other nations are competing for them, end quote. today, almost one in five u.s. jobs are supported by international trade. i welcome president obama's lofty goal of doubling u.s. exports in the next five years through his national export

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: initiative and i look forward to discussing his plans with ambassador kirk. as our economy continues to struggle, it's evident americans will not be able to consume their way out of this recession. we must focuon getting our products and services to emerging markets around the world. american ingenuity, creativity

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: and innovation can spur new jobs and new factories here at home. according to the obama administration, increasing trade by 1% will create 250,000 jobs, a significant start to helping americans find work. passing the colombia, panama and other free trade agreements would accomplish that, increasing trade exports by 1%

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: and creating an estimated 250,000 jobs. these free trade agreements put american workers on a fair footing with workers in those countries, instead of alienating our global trading partners through programs such as buy american.

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: many goods produced in other countries have no tariff at all when sold to the u.s. the president's goal is ambitious. surpassing these free trade agreements is an important first step to restoring american competitivenesin global markets. the last time the u.s. doubled its exports, it took nearly 10

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: years. final implementation of the north american free trade agreement, nine bilateral agreements and the successful conclusion of the uraguay round. since 1984, louisiana has increased its exports to nafta

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: countries by 200%. as a result, thousands of work verse job stability but we can do much more. trade creates good-paying jobs for millions of americans and leveling the playing field abroad increases our opportunities. truly supporting american workers and creating new jobs will not be accomplished by closing our doors to the rest of the world while they continue to strike new deals and expand their exports.

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

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Charles W. Jr.Boustany: now is the time to reach and to work with our allies and major trading partners. american leadership is in jeopardy. not because of a rising power, but because of a shrinking level of -- level of american engagement. the world will not wait for us to wake up and realize the

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