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House Proceeding 03-16-10 on Mar 16th, 2010 :: 4:07:25 to 4:15:30
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Louie Gohmert

4:07:21 to 4:07:42( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: build this capital city up today. i'd be happy to yield as much time as he may consume to the gentleman from texas. mr. gohmert: i appreciate my friend from iowa so much and i appreciate the wonderful pots you're making. i was here just off the chamber for the whole discussion by our

Louie Gohmert

4:07:25 to 4:15:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert

4:07:43 to 4:08:03( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: colleagues across the aisle and i appreciate the gentleman yielding because i made a number of notes of things i wanted to -- i always appreciate when people across the aisle attempt to speak for me and what i support and what i would like to have happen and what i will and

Louie Gohmert

4:08:04 to 4:08:26( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: do vote for and vote against. but e great thing about debate is that the otherside can be presented, of course, you know, there was the occasion a year and a half ago where the speaker cut off the microphones and that was prevented, but we stood in on the floor and spoke anyway. it's a great thing about

Louie Gohmert

4:08:27 to 4:08:48( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: america. but i would like to correct some thing, i know my friend had the best of intentions, speaking on republicans' behalf, but when he said republicans have no interest in being part of the solution, i have to differ on that. i appreciate my democratic friend saying we don't wish to

Louie Gohmert

4:08:49 to 4:09:10( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: be part of the solution, but that's simply not true. in fact, i know republicans have begged and pleaded to be allowed to have input into this bill but it's hard to have input into a bill that's negotiated secretly. you get the union and aarp and

Louie Gohmert

4:09:11 to 4:09:32( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: you don't tell any republicans when they're going to be meeting, when they're going to do their secret deals. you get the pharmaceutical industry and you get insurance companies to be part of secret negotiations. i can promise you, every industry, every individual who has come out and said, i think

Louie Gohmert

4:09:33 to 4:09:54( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: this is a great bill on behalf of some industry, they got a deal cut for them in this bill. now this is the senate bill here. i've had our house bill, until this week, that's what i'd been working from. but it looks like they're serious about cramming the senate bill down our throats. they use real thin paper and

Louie Gohmert

4:09:55 to 4:10:15( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: print on both sides so that it's this small b some other things that need to be corrected, my friend across the aisle said during his time, our friends on the other side of the aisle support the insurance industry wanting to start all over. well, my friend's not

Louie Gohmert

4:10:16 to 4:10:36( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: completely informed because there are those in the insurance industry that said, you know what, this bill, the senate bill, it's ok with us. it will be all right. and if you're in the insurance industry, and you have the federal government mandating

Louie Gohmert

4:10:37 to 4:11:01( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: that everybody has to buy a policy, then you know, your eyes get big and you start thinking, wow, think of all those sales. of course they don't look far enough into the future and realize that that plan and they themselves as insurance companies won't last very long. they go the way of private

Louie Gohmert

4:11:02 to 4:11:23( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: insurance companies, like flood insurance when the federal government got involved, it's hard for a private company to compete with the federal government that goes in the red and stays in the red as the federal flood insurance policies have done. he also commented that the democrats are holding health insurance accountable.

Louie Gohmert

4:11:24 to 4:11:45( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: and that's nice to hear being said, but if they're holding health insurance companies accountable, you would not find one insurance company going to be ok with this and there are those out there. my friend alsoommented that 67% of americans support an insurance exchange.

Louie Gohmert

4:11:46 to 4:12:08( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: well, in the house bill, of course we've talked about it, there's the federal insurance exchange program and that's what will take over as they finish killing off private insurance companies. as my friend and i both agree, we don't want insurance companies between us and our doctor, we don't want the government between us and our

Louie Gohmert

4:12:09 to 4:12:29( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: doctor, and the proposals we've made get them out from between us. they get insurance companies back in the position of insuring and out of the business of managing. why would we want the federal government to come in and manage our health care decisions when we don't even want private insurance

Louie Gohmert

4:12:30 to 4:12:53( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: companies managing our health care insurance? i do appreciate my friend's honesty and candor when i understood him to say first

Louie Gohmert

4:12:54 to 4:13:14( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: that we have a moral mission to get criminals off the street and that moral imperative doesn't stop at our border. this is just a difference in philosophy. i have a few other points that i want to make here but i feel like my friend from iowa will want to comment on this, because we've had such lengthy

Louie Gohmert

4:13:15 to 4:13:36( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: discussions about this iue. and it is just a difference in philosophy that we have friends across the aisle that believe we have a moral mission to protect terrorists, to protect criminals on the street and that that moral mission does not stop at the border. see, my belief, and i believe

Louie Gohmert

4:13:37 to 4:13:57( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: it's shared by my friend from iowa, is that when i took an oath to the constitution, when i was in the united states army as a prosecutor, as a judge, as a chief justice, and as a member of congress, there was nothing in my oath that i take

Louie Gohmert

4:13:58 to 4:14:18( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: so seriously about supporting and defending those on the other side of our borders or supporting and defending all enemies, foreign and domestic that want to kill me. it was not that i want to support and protect and defend all terrorists and enemies foreign and domestic, no it was

Louie Gohmert

4:14:19 to 4:14:39( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: i'm going to help protect america from all enemies foreign and domestic. protect from those enemies. not go across the border and take my morality oto other countries and be the policeman of the world. in fact, i think we do make a mistake when we begin to be country building, nation

Louie Gohmert

4:14:40 to 4:15:00( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: building, government building in other nations. our job is to protect this country. and when there are terrorists in this country, our job is to take them out. eliminate the terrorists so that they are no longer a threat. now what normally happens when people declare war on another

Louie Gohmert

4:15:01 to 4:15:22( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: group or country, and you capture some of those people, in a civilized society like ours, you hold them until such time as their friends, their colleagues, their comrades deci and announce, we're no longer at war. then you can release all of those except for the ones you

Louie Gohmert

4:15:23 to 4:15:30( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: believe, or have reason to believe, probable cause to believe committed war crimes. then you go ahead and try them. it's a difference in

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