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House Proceeding 03-18-09 on Mar 18th, 2009 :: 0:13:30 to 0:18:35
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Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: americans will come together and make this a better country. this is our opportunity. i encourage everyone to vote for this amendment. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from -- the chair: the gentleman from pennsylvania. mr. plths: i yield such time as he may consume to the distinguished ranking member of

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Speech By: Howard P. Buck McKeon

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: the full committee, mr. mckeon. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mckeon: i thank the gentleman for yielding and i rise in strong support of h.r. 1388. neighbors helping neighbors. this happens countless times every day across america. a college student teaching english to immigrants a boy scout collecting nnedood for the hungry.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: families taking in neighbor who was lost their homes in floods or tornado or fire. mr. chairman, the bill before us today aptly named the give act, encourages the selfless actions i just described by updating decades-old national service programs to make them more effective in the 21st century.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: h.r. 1388 allows for year-round service learning opportunities. it also offers a new emphasis on emergency and disaster relief and recovery. finally, it offers increased opportunities for baby boomers, a generation known for its social activism. but i would like to inform my colleagues of one fact that has not been given much attention.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: is bill includes powerful new safeguards to protect taxpayers by giving -- by making the service programs more accountable and performance-based. the bill also makes the programs it funds more competitive to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. in addition to h.r. 1388 ,

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: individuals can receive federal funding to serve at organizations of their choosing. of course to prevent fraud, these organizations will be closely examined. but after such screening, part of the funds the bill provides will be dedicated to these people who believe they can make the greatest difference at small organizations. yet this bill also addresses national needs.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: for example, this proposal adds a new veterans' corps giving people who served in our military a chance to serve the nation once more and a chance for our nation to through the veterans' corps vets and others can help the families of servicemens through their hardships and aid fellow

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: veterans as they re-adjust to civilian life. finally this bill makes disaster assistance a priority. it allows the corporation for national and community service to develop a system to quickly mobilize former participants, if they are needed. it also allows people to extend their service if their terms run out in the middle of a disaster.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: i would like to thank chairman miller, subcommittee chairman mccarthy, ranking member platts and our staffs for doing such an excellent job to work together an craft this bill. this is the way legislation should be passed. i think it's been an example and i wish all bills were passed in this manner.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: you know, we've been hearing a lot in the last couple of days about a.i.g. and about the bonuses that were made to leaders of that company, a company that would not even be in existence if it were not for the federal government and the taxpayers that bailed them out.

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: the disaster -- the stimulus package that was passed was the last attempt that would have been able to stop those bonuses. there was an amendment in there, and i know the senator that's credited for that amendment says he didn't know about it, or didn't have part in it, taken care of if we had had

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: what was promised to us, 48 hours least to review that bill. or if we had worked together in a bipartisan way to craft that bill. that did not happen. i'm story that that did not happen, because of that, we have found now a terrible tragedy has taken place and i hope we'll be able to correct

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: it. but it could have been avoided if we'd just simply worked as we did on this bill in a bipartisan way to see that that never happened. . i support this bill because americans who give their time and talent to others clearly can help their nation. we as representatives should

Howard P. Buck McKeon

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Howard P. Buck McKeon: help thank you. i ask all my colleagues to support this bill. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california. mr. miller: 1 1/2 23456 minutes to the gentleman from new york, mr. taco, who has been key in this legislation and weatherization.

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