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House Proceeding on Mar 18th, 2010 :: 0:34:50 to 0:38:30
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James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: consent to insert the text of the ament and stroorl -- extraneous material immediately prior to the vote on the previous question. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. foxx: thank you, madam speaker. with that i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: madam speaker, let me just state for the

James P. McGovern

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Speech By: James P. McGovern

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: record that this has been an incredibly open process. when i contrast it to the way my friends on the other side of the aisle handled a similar bill related to health care, that was the prescription drug ill, i don't know what they are complaing about. when they brought up the prescription drug bill, this is what it looked like. and it was given to the rules

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: committee, less than an hour before we were asked to vote for it. it was rushed to the floor, a total of 27 hours before the time it was brought to the rules committee and members were asked to vote on the ill. contrast that to what we have done on this health insurance reform effort. president obama began with a health care summit at the beginning of 2009, republicans and democrats were invited and participated.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: ov the house held nearly 100 hours of hearings and 83 hours of committee markups. we heard from 181 witnesses. both democrat and republican. 239 amendments were considered. 121 amendments were adopted.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: this is the big lie that we are hearing from the other side that somehow this has been a closed process. the rules committee will convene on the health insurance reform bill with c-span cameras present. so this has been an incredibly open process. i commend the speaker of the house and chairwoman of the rules committee for this open process.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: in contrast to the way they did their prescription drug bill and just shoved it before the rules committee without anyone being able to read it. i think this has been an open process and we stand by it. you want to talk about process? let's talk about the process by some of the big insurance companies in this country. that routinely deny people coverage for those silly reasons.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: they do it because they can. in some states, madam speaker, believe it or not insurance companies consider domestic violence as the pre-existing condition. i mean does anybody here think that that's accessible? in the gentlelady's home state of north carolina they are one of the states that still allow

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: domestic violence against women to be used as an excuse to deny somebody health insurance. that is unconscionable. and the bill that we are talking about will fix that. they were in charge of this place for a lot of years, too many years if you ask me. they drove this economy into a ditch. and during all that time they did nothing, nothing to deal

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: with the rising costs of health insurance. families of small businesses. they did nothing about denying insurance companies from denying people insurance because of pre-existing conditions. they did nothing to de with this issue that domestic violence in some states, including the state of north carolina, can be used as a pre-existing condition to deny

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: somebody health care. so we need to do what's right for the american people and enough of the misinformation. and enough of the lies and enough of the distortions. we need to do what the people want and that is fix this health insurance industry that we have in this country that quite frankly has denied millions and millions of people in this country and even those who have insurance have found

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: out as they have been wheeled to the operating room their insurance doesn't cover what they thought.

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