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David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: house of representatives today. so my friend and colleague from washington state, i offer my congratulations on his success and i yield him whatever time he may consumed. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington is mr. reichert: i thank the gentleman for yielding and thank you, madam speaker. i am proud to stand here today on behalf of my constituents

David G. Reichert

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Speech By: David G. Reichert

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: and my community throughout the region of western washington and especially those working hard in the eighth district to finally bring this legislation to the floor today. i just happen to be the conduit to bring this legislation to the united states house of representatives. so allhe hard work really

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: done by th people who live in our region. the alpine lakes wilderness additions and prat and middle fork snoqualmie rivers protection act is the product of teamwork. three years of careful collaboration, consultation and consensus building with local stakeholders. since 2007 we worked with

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: scores of local officials, conservation enthusiasts, recreation groups, public safety advocates and parties interested in land use issues to develop this bipartisan proposal. and i'd like to thank -- particularly thank reagan dunn

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: who held this seat prior to my arrival here who worked tirelessly throughout the state of washington and our western washington area for our environment. and i thank the community for faking the long view and for not letting politics in the way for doing what's right for washington state. because of these efforts we'll have a spectacular wild area to

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: leave behind for our children and grandchildren to yunesd enjoy. h.r. -- use and enjoy. h.r. 1768 is supported by dan evans and the two senators who have worked together over the years to preserve our recreational opportunities for all washingtonians.

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: this bill builds on another important washington state tradition, that is of environmental stewardship. and i want to thank senator patty murray for introducing campaign legislation on the other side. my bill provides a unique opportunity to permently protect key additions of the existing alpine lakes wilderness which reaches the

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: crest of the cascade mountains. it also preserves wildlife habitats, existing recreational opportunities and local economies tt rely on both. alpine lakes was first designated by congress in 1976 and is one sft most visited and most popular wilderness areas in our country.

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: my legislation embraces important low elevation lands, protects watersheds, protects two rivers with wild and scenic designations and provides flood control for the valleys those rivers run through. this is carefully crafted, taking in existing recreational opportunities for hiking,

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: camping, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and wildlife viewing. also taking care to protect the large area to preserve for hunting and fishing opportunities. these additions my bill makes to the alpine lake wilderness does not infringe on any private property issues and

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: will not cost the federal taxpayers single cent. i hope today that we realize that protecting this wilderness will serve our future generations. and as a grandfather -- my staff wrote this thing and as i'm reading part of this bill today, i noticed in this sentence right here they shortened my life a little bit

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: because they said that i won't have the opportunity to see my great grandchildren enjoy this wilderness area. i have a 15-year-old grandson, so i'm hoping in the next maybe 10 years or so i will watch my great grandchild walk through this park. and i've had the opportunity to work and, you know, again, with

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: all of the people in my community. it's just a joy to take my grandchildren today, my sons and daughters before that walking through the wilderness, looking at wildlife and seeing the excitement in their eyes as they see wildlife pass right in front of them and some of our wilderness areas -- at some of

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: our wilderness areas in washington state. this wilderness area will be right in the back yarof bellevue, seattle, 40, 45 minutes away. i ask my colleagues to support this legistion today, and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the gentlewoman from guam is recognized. ms. bordallo: madam speaker, i have no additional rquests for

David G. Reichert

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David G. Reichert: time and would inquire of the minority whether they have any additional speakers. mr. mcclintock: we have one additional speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady -- ms. bordallo: then, madam speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman re the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. mcclintock: thank you,

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