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John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: consume to the gentleman from maryland, mr. sarbanes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized. mr. sarbanes: i want to thank my colleague for yielding. and for introducing the ocean, coastal, and watershed education act, h.r. 3644. and for working to maintain the bay watershed traing education programs, watershed

John Sarbanes

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Speech By: John Sarbanes

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: approach to environmental education my own state of maryland, the chesapeake bay was the first program that was established in the country. and it serves as a national model of watershed based environmental education. earlier this fall i was pleased to join with congressman

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: kratovil and wittman to introduce and see passage in the full house of representatives legislation that re-authorized the chesapeake bay program. the bill before us will codify other existing programs around the country andprovide not only the authority to create

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: new programs in various watersheds throughout the country and territories. i want to again thank congresswoman caps for her -- capps for her leadership. one of the things that this does, this education and training for the next generation is that it encourages our kids to become comfortable with science. to look at the world through an empirical lens.

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: to make decisions based on data and facts. not just opinion. that's a skill that we really need to encourage in the next generation. it occurs to me as we talk about this health care bill, i wish more people would be bringing a lens of impirsism and fact-based review to the health care bill because if you look at the health care bill

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: through that lens, if you look at the facts of this health care bill, then it is clear why it responds to all of the grievances that so many americans have had with the current health care system for decades. . not only does it pay for itself, so this suggestion that

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: somehow it's not being paid for is misstatement. not only does it pay for itself but in the next 10 years the independent congressional budget office, the c.b.o. has projected that there will be savings and a reduction to the deficit of about $132 billion. and then in the next 10 years they projected that it will

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: reduce the defit by $1.2 trillion. so all those people out there that want to reduce the deficit, this is your bill, the health care bill is the -- is a major vehicle for accomplishing it. that's fact number one. fact number two, it will make medicare stronger, not weaker, because it's going to cut down on fraud and abuse. it's going to take those savings -- see, this is another

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: -- this is another piece of misinformation that's going on that somehow the savings we're taking from medicare are going to go off into the ether. we're taking the savings from that medicare, we're actually putting them right back into e medicare program. by closing the doughnut hole, by making available to people

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: primary care to our seniors, primary care opportunities and preventive care measures that currently they have to come out of pocket for. but now because it makes a lot of sense, those things will be coved. so we're taking the savings, we're putting it right back into the medicare program. fact number three, 32 million people who today do not have

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: health insurance coverage, when this bill is passed will be on their way to getting that coverage. 95% of americans will be covered ultimately when the provisions of this bill take full force. d fact -- the last fact i'd just like to point out, which decades in which the health

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: insurance industry has pretty much run the show, it's been a -- it's been a health insurance industry takeover of the health care system in arica. that's who's taking over the health care system. the private health insurance industry. and this bill finally fights back against the health

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: insurance industry and says no longer will you discriminate against people based on pre-existing condition. no longer will you terminate their coverage right at the moment when they need it most. finally, instead of us living in your world by your rules you're going to start living in our world by our rules. that's what this health care bill accomplishes.

John Sarbanes

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John Sarbanes: and that's why we're ready to supp

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