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House Proceeding 03-19-10 on Mar 19th, 2010 :: 2:37:15 to 2:40:50
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Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: people on the bubble will learn that they should be reprsentatives, they should learn to be representatives and not dictators. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the gentlewoman from reserves her time. the gentlewoman from california is recognized. ms. speier: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield two minutes to the gentleman from new york. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. >> i rise to pay tributeo clarence lumpkin. this is a great state for the

Anthony D. Weiner

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Speech By: Anthony D. Weiner

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: state of ohio. the mayor deserves to be a -- to have a post office named after him for all his service. do i hate to pollute this debate with facts. i'm really almost hesitant to do so. the previous speaker pointed out an inequity that existed. frankly medicaid doctors don't get reimbursed enough and we're fixing that so i trust my colleague will be voting for that.

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: because it increases the reimbursement rates for people that we're expanding coverage to, so doctors are going to pay at the medicare rate. what you won't hear today in conversation about this post office is that mr. lumpkin, who we're honoring today, i think is 70 years old -- certainly.

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: we don't have a lot. >> you said we're going to give a raise for primary care physicians. that is not included in this. in terms of the medicaid cos. the state medicaid costs are now going to go up. mr. weiner: reclaiming my time to inform the gentleman that he's wrong. so the gentleman from ohio, mr. lumpkin -- no, after yielding, it really -- we'll get back --

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: wasn't much of a payoff. so i'm not going to yield the time. mr. lumpkiwho honors -- the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. mr. weiner: the man we're honoring today, if it were up to the members of the minority party, that mr. lurp lumpkin would not have medicare, would he? he would have had social security privatized. now i couldn't help noticing

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: that not long ago the ranking minority member of the house budget committee, a republican, floated a plan that for once at least was honest about the intentions of the republicans. it said, cut off medicare, end it as a program we know and i know that the previous speaker doesn't like it, a lot of my constituents believe it's a very worthy program, 96% of all

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: beneficiaries who were surveyed last year said they like it, but the republans say, no, we want to eliminate it and let's not forget how many of them sied on the dotted line to privatize social security. that seems smart, huh? investing social security in the stock market. that's a far-reaching ideal.

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: now, mr. lumpkin who got, he's going to be able to see medicare for the rest of his life thanks to the bill we're going to pass in short order and thanks to the votes of the people on the other side who would deny them that. you might not like medicare but come out and say it the don't say, i -- we're going to propose privatizing it. let's see what you do -- you can get a majority over there to stand up, to come out from behind the artifice and to say,

Anthony D. Weiner

2:40:10 to 2:40:30( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: forgive me, will the speaker ask -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. ms. speier: i yield him another 25 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. weiner: we believe in medicare, we created it. you opposed it at the time, you oppose it now. we support social security, would direct my remarks to the speaker.

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: you can inform them that they oppose social security then, they opposed it now. this is a philosophical divide. and every single member of the minority party has said they're gog to do anything they can to stand up and -- in defense of the health insurance industry. that's a consistent position we disagree with and mr. lumpkin's going to have medicare for the

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