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House Proceeding 03-19-10 on Mar 19th, 2010 :: 2:56:50 to 3:01:00
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Anthony D. Weiner

2:56:46 to 2:57:06( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: leading the world in in orthopedics, and to destroy health care for seniors. we're not a big city like new york. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman yields. the gentlewoman from north carolina reserves. the gentleman from california. ms. speier: mr. speaker, i yield four minutes to the gentleman from new york. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for four minutes.

Anthony D. Weiner

2:56:50 to 3:01:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Anthony D. Weiner

Anthony D. Weiner

2:57:07 to 2:57:27( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: mr. weiner: it is my -- i support women's history month. in 2010 insurance companies very often -- health insurance companies very often charge women exponentially more money to get health insurance than they do for men. now, why they do that? because health insurance companies have been empowered by the present system, not because they're bad, but

Anthony D. Weiner

2:57:28 to 2:57:48( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: because it's their job, it' their business model to take in as much money they can and to give as little service as they can. that's their business model. it's their business model to trnot to provide any insurance at all for the toughest to insure so they drop people who have any pre-existing conditions or start to rack up needs, meaning people get sick.

Anthony D. Weiner

2:57:49 to 2:58:11( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: they don't cover anyone over 65 because we decided 44 years ago over the objections of many of my republican friends to create the medicare system. but let's talk more a moment about this notion of jobs, jobs for women, jobs for men, jobs for the next generation. the idea tha we can continue this way, putting 20% of every single dollar we produce in this country into health care

Anthony D. Weiner

2:58:12 to 2:58:33( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: is why, my friends, our wages have been stagnant for the last eight years. because when an employer gets additional money it has to go into keeping up the high cost of health care. and you don't have to look in a book. you can go look in michigan. take a look at the difference with the exact same union contract to build a chevy impala on the michigan side of

Anthony D. Weiner

2:58:34 to 2:58:55( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: the canadian border or on the canadian side of the michigan border, the same exact automobile, general motors did what any sound company would do. i'm ying an extra $7.25 per hour per worker on the michigan side of the canadian border, i'm going to start doing that and move them overseas. we simply are less competitive with the status quo.

Anthony D. Weiner

2:58:56 to 2:59:16( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: in every instance except one. the health insurance industry. they're doing well. they're doing reremarkably well, and you know what, i am at the place -- i t previous speaker said i would have preferred to take the medicare system, people understand it, let's extend it to people 55, let's get younger people on, let's try to do this right.

Anthony D. Weiner

2:59:17 to 2:59:37( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: let's take an organization that has a rate of 1.05%, 1.05% and let's take away the oneshat has 30%, 25%. that's what i would have done. that's what i would have done. now, my republican frien have their own proposal. and let me tell you exactly what it says. it says anyone over the age of 55 who's not 55 today will not

Anthony D. Weiner

2:59:38 to 2:59:58( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: have medicare the way it's structured today. they will essentially get some type of a voucher and say good luck. you won't have social security under the republican plan because they would invest it in the stock market. yeah. no, it's not a joke. this is their proposal. not from 10 years ago. this is the ranking minority member -- they will talk about

Anthony D. Weiner

2:59:59 to 3:00:19( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: it. god bless them. that's their proposal. there is something said in the south that says it takes a great man or woman to build a barn but it only takes a jackass to tear it dn. to say this bill is rushed, a

Anthony D. Weiner

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Anthony D. Weiner: year plus two years talking about it in campaign plus 30 years festering at the problem and now i hear my colleagues say, wait until thursday. you have a final four you're watching or what? honestly. wait until thursday. 20% of the economy, i'm busy, wait until thursday. i -- let's wait until thursday.

Anthony D. Weiner

3:00:42 to 3:01:00( Edit History Discussion )

Anthony D. Weiner: sigh farah. -- sionara. the minority party had an opportunity for eight years. health insurance costs went like this for that's what happened. we are not going to let it happen anymore. those are the decisions that had to be made. are you going to try to solve the problem or are you going to

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