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Jim McDermott

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Speech By: Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from washington is recognized for five minutes. mr. mcdermott: mr. speaker, after hearing the hysterics of my republin colleagues over the last several days, i am reminded about the legal profession and the addage sas, if you have the facts, pound on the facts, but if you have

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: neither the facts or nor the law, pound on the table. i give my republican colleagues giving them a remarkable job of pounding on the table. i heard my colleagues say outlandish things about how we are doing violence to the constitution and sticking our fingernails in the eyes of the american public, but it is an

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: elaborate distraction from what the real debate is about. what we're talking about is what happens when you don't have health insurance. i heard a story last week that i think gets to the heart of what we're doing and why we're doing it. it's about a family of five, including a newborn child going through a rough patch.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: the mother's employer didn't offer her maternity leave, so she was unable toarn an income. when the father's entire drywalling crew was laid off because there was no work, the family lost their income aside from the unemployment benefits her husband received. all five of them had to move into a relative's living room.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: and when stress and strain caused the mother to stop producing breast milk, she had to buy formula she couldn't afford. she applied to get suplemental food benefits under the w.i.c. program that comes once a month. and when those benefitran out she went to the office for more help and said there was none.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: without additional support, she was forced to dilute the formula with water and as a result of mall nourishment the baby developed starvation diarhea, a serious and painful illness. the baby's parents tok her to the hospital and did your

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: diarrhea was so severe and treated in the same way as people with severe burns. she stayed in the hospital for 10 days. and remember, this is a family whose parents worked and whose baby was healthy, who had health insurance. they simply fell a victim to this economy.

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: i read another article recently about an insurance company called fortes. they designed a computer program that would flag any policy holder with hiv-aids and trigger an automatic fraud investigation. knowing the treatment was expensive, the executives were looking for anything they could

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: use to revoke health insurance policies with people with hiv-aids. and when notng turned up, they would essentially invent a reason. now i know every one in this room has at least 20 stories like this. and after hearing just one of them, i'm sure - and i can't understand how anyone with a

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: conscience would stand in the way of reform for one second. i have sat in this chamber and listened to hours of foolishness and nonsense about what this bill wil alegedly do. despite being deafened by a year's worth of republicans

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: banging on the table i'm thrilled we will vote on a health care reform bill that will help milions of americans. 80 years from now like 80 years ago when social security passed, people will look back at this as the bill that helped them take a sick child to the doctor. they'll look and be shocked that

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: there was a time when insurance companies were allowed to deny health coverage, even to children just because they were sick, because they had a pre-existing condition. and they'll be apalled that anyone would refuse to vote for this bill for no other reason than political grandstanding or

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: trying to gain polical advantage in the next election. when we hit 216 votes on sunday, i'm going to be proud that we will not only be helping millions of americans right now and here in this day, but also a

Jim McDermott

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Jim McDermott: generation that is yet to come. a country is judged how it handles the people who are least able to care for themselves. and when you're sick and you don't have health insurance and your countr says, we don't care, go to the emergency rom. that's your health care.

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