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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: yet it's brutally already being implemented so i hope that somehow in the next 40 hours a miracle occurs and we can defeat this bill. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. defazio from oregon. ms. kaptur from ohio.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: mr. burton from indiana. the gentleman's recognized for five minutes. mr. burton: well, here we are, folks, friday night, people are going to the movies, having dinner with their kids and grandkids and we're here in the capitol of the united states

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: trying to screw up everybody's lives. let me just give you a little information we found today. 46%, mr. speaker, 46% of the primary care doctors in this country said that if this bill passes they'll leave medicine. now, think about that.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: let's just say that that's of by 75%, let's say only 1/4 of that happens and we only have, say, 10% or 15% of the doctors leave primary care because of this bill, what do you think that's going to do to the patients? we're going to have more patients according to this bill because they're going to bring in more people, maybe some

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: illegal aliens and people that aren't completely covered right now, and so we're going to have fewer doctors and more patients. and what is that going to result in? it's going to result in what we've all been talking about for a long time and that is rationing of health care because you won't be able to take care of all these people, you have to pick and choose.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the going to cost more and there's going to be long waiting lines like they have in other countries that have socialized medicine. i just can't hardly believe that we're doing this. do you know, in massachusetts today i watched on television the democrat treasurer of massachusetts said on television just a couple of hours ago that their state is going to go

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: bankrupt because of their public health program which paralleled what they want to do here in washington. i mean, think about that. massachusetts has a system like this, their state treasurer, not a republican or democrat, says that they're going bankrupt because of it. and yewe're doing the same thing only more in space right here in the congress of the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: united states and we're not hearing as much about it as we should. now, i want to real quickly read to you, just to let you know what the doctors think, and we have some doctors who are going to be talking here tonight, some very eminent doctors. the state medical associations that are opposed to this, the state of alabama, delaware, district of columbia florida,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: georgia, kansas, louisiana, missouri, new jersey, ohio, south carolina, texas, the american academy of dermatology, american academy of facial lastic surgery and reconstructive summerry, american academy of opt meteorology, just goes on and on and on. there's probably 100 of them here. and they're not listening to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: these people, they're telling us in congress that people are going to leave the medicine. now, the other thing that they're not talking about is we don't have tort reform. you know doctors have to spend an awful lot of money protecting themselves against lawsuits and so we've said in our bill, we really need tort reform. well, they don't have that. it's not going to be in their bill.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: so doctors are going to be still unprotected as far as liability suits are concerned. that's another reason why these 46% of the doctors say they're going to leave primary care. why wouldn't you, if you've got some money in your bank that you worked your whole life to gain and achieve and you know that one lawsuit will wipe you out and there's no protection at al

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: in these health care plans they're going to ram through, why would you risk it? why would you risk losing your home and business and everything you've worked your life to save? you wouldn't. and so it might be better to go out and do something else. take the money that you've saved and go into maybe some kind of a private practice that doesn't require this kind of a risk. so i'd just like to say to my

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: colleagues back in their offices who probably aren't listening too much tonight, they're fighting to try to get that last vote or two to make sure they can get this thing passed, think about what you're doing to america, think about what you're doing to the future generations that are going to be faying for this. trillions and trillions of dollars that we don't have are going to be spent, they're going to have to print that money, our kids are going to be the ones

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: that are going to have to pay it back through inflation in higher taxes. it's just a terrible, terrible legacy to leave to them. and so my colleagues who are on the other side of the aisle who are in their offices, i ho they'll give this a lot of thought especially if they haven't made up their minds. don't leave this kind of legacy to the future generations and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: listen to what's going on in massachusetts that has a similar program. they're going bankrupt up there because of it. and we're going to put a program into place that's going to run doctors out of the business and possibly bankrupt america and run inflation through the roof because we're going to be spending money we don't have so they'll have to print it? and raisingaxes? it just doesn't ke any sense.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and the last thing i'll say is that the vast majority of the american people, you know, you get in addition to the doctors, mr. speaker, doesn't want this. solisen to your constituents before you go running of a

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