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House Proceeding 03-20-10 on Mar 20th, 2010 :: 1:03:35 to 1:07:40
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Jay Inslee

1:03:33 to 1:03:53( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: their tkeover of this chamber, $160 billion. and next year, $1.4 trlion. that's your problem, that's your plan. you need to deal with the facts. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlewoman from guam. . ms. bordallo: i yield three minutes to the gentleman from washington, mr. inslee.

Jay Inslee

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Speech By: Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee

1:03:54 to 1:04:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. inslee: the purpose of this resolution is to honor the aviators who've done such courageous duty for this country and they have, and i think one of the things they have done because of their sacrifices is that they've always given america a chance to become a more perfect union,

Jay Inslee

1:04:17 to 1:04:37( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: and i think the language in our founding documents of working towards a more perfect union suggests that we're a country that's always looking for an opportunity to get just a little bit better. and we now have a bill we'll be voting on tomorrow that does give america a chance not to solve all our problems but to get a little bit better when it

Jay Inslee

1:04:38 to 1:04:59( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: comes to health care. and i just want to in the context of an aviator suggest what that may mean. an aviator goes to france, serves on a b-17 like so many courageous aviators did, shot down, rescued, prisoner of war, returns, starts a little business, raises a family back

Jay Inslee

1:05:00 to 1:05:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: home. survives world war ii. raises, let's say, his daughter. she grows up to maturity, has a kid. is a proud gndfather like many of these aviators are. what can happen to his daughter right now in the current situation of the law? what can happen is she can have insurance, she can have a good

Jay Inslee

1:05:22 to 1:05:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: job, she can be taking care of her family and then she can develop cancer. and you know what this side of the aisle wants to allow to continue to be the law of the united states of america? they want to let the aviator's daughter to be able to be canceled in their insurance policy because she develops cancer. let's assume the grandchild of

Jay Inslee

1:05:44 to 1:06:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: the aviator deveps diabetes and gets to maturity and want to go out and buy an insurance company. guess what this side of the aisle wants to allow to be continued practice in america? they, who are going to be voting en masse, en masse against health care reform tomorrow, they will be voting

Jay Inslee

1:06:07 to 1:06:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: tomorrow to allow the aviator's grandchild to be denied insurance because they developed diabetes. now, i question whether american aviators who fight wars proudly think it's really up to american standards to allow the children and grandchildren of aviators to be

Jay Inslee

1:06:29 to 1:06:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: denied coverage because they developed illness. we don't think that's good enough for america. we think we deserve better. and what we'll be doing tomorrow is voting for a provision that will give the families of aviators the right to in fact to be treated fairly in america. now, i know many people, they've argued this is somehow a government takeover of health care.

Jay Inslee

1:06:50 to 1:07:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: i thought about that and i can understand people don't want a government takeover of health care. but in its fundamental what this does is it changes the relationship between americans and the insurance industry. and that's a relationship in the rules of that relationship do need to change because we need to give americans more

Jay Inslee

1:07:12 to 1:07:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: choice, we need to give them more freedom, we need to give them more protection against some of the practices of the insurance companies and that's what we'll be voting to do tomorrow. so i say, let's honor some aviators, let's honor their families by giving their families the right to have health care even though they have asthma, even though they

Jay Inslee

1:07:33 to 1:07:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jay Inslee: have diabetes, even though they have parkinson's, whether they are republicans or democrats or red and blue states, all americans deserve to be able to have insurance in this country.

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