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House Proceeding 03-20-10 on Mar 20th, 2010 :: 2:59:00 to 3:03:50
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Jim McDermott

2:58:57 to 2:59:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: with, we the people, not, we the subjects. and that's just the way it is. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman elds back. ms. woolsey of california. for what purpose does the gentleman from washington rise? mr. mcdermott: i ask unanimous consent to take her time. to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without

Jim McDermott

2:59:00 to 3:03:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

2:59:19 to 2:59:39( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: objection. mr. mcdermott: mr. speaker, i rise today to tell the story of an11-year-old boy from washington state who visited congress last week to lobby for health care reform. his name is macelis owens and he lost his uninsured mother to pulmonary hypertension which could have been treated. he shared his story with senator

Jim McDermott

2:59:40 to 3:00:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: patty murray and then presented to an audience of 10 people at a hearing, telling them that he thought, quote, health care should be for everyone. he was an articulate and bright young man and his story exemplifies why we desperately need health care are he form. so, in one of republican deck la --

Jim McDermott

3:00:02 to 3:00:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: desperation, others took to the airwaves to tear marcelis apart. mr. limb by a calm - limbaugh said, i would say this to the y, well, your mother would have died anyway because obamacare doesn't kick in until 2014. fox news came in a close second

Jim McDermott

3:00:26 to 3:00:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: with a column entitled, "desperate dens cling to human kiddy shield." perhaps the only accurate word was desperation. but she used it to describe the wrong party. in all my years of public service i can't remember the last time i saw such a cheap and disgraceful campaign.

Jim McDermott

3:00:48 to 3:01:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: republican determination to derail reform at any cost is reprehensible and i cannot find words to describe how shameful i think it is to direct at an 11-year-old boy who lost his mother. on my way to work this morning i saw a group of teabaggers. and i'm happy they'll be in washington to witness congress

Jim McDermott

3:01:09 to 3:01:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: pass theistoric health care bill tomorrow. when i got to the office i did a little research on my own and found the website of a teabagger group called the 912 project. which includes a page which they call the nine principles. number seven reads, i work hard for what i have and i won't share it with who i want to. government cannot force me to be

Jim McDermott

3:01:30 to 3:01:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: charitable. that reminds me of another glen beck -- what he said on his show last week, when he started criticizing a new poverty measure that would help us understand whabetter it means to be poor in this country. he said that if it were implemented he would be considered poor. glen beck reportedly made $23

Jim McDermott

3:01:52 to 3:02:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: million last year which means that in one work day he earns the equivalent of what four families earn in poverty over a whole year. government cannot force me to be charitable. i've always been a little confused about what would motivate someone to get up in the morning to attack an

Jim McDermott

3:02:13 to 3:02:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: 11-year-old boy who lost his mom. or compel someone to drive 50 miles to protest reform that helps millions of americans. but i'm finally beginning to understand the mentality behind the tea party crowd and its spokesperson glen beck, rush limbaugh and michelle. they are simply selfish and greedy andifferent and they

Jim McDermott

3:02:34 to 3:02:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: don't seem to care about helping anyone in need. i should note that when marcelis heard what these three said about him, he responded by saying, my mother always taught me that they can have their own opinion. it doesn't mean they're right. when an 11-year-old outshines and outclasses your party's

Jim McDermott

3:02:55 to 3:03:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: three top mouthpieces, it might be time to look for some replacement. when i vote for health care are he form tomorrow i'll dedicate it to marcelis owens and the memory of his mom and if i had to write my seventh principle i think i'd use one of my favorite quotes from the book of james in the bible. quote, suppose a brother or a

Jim McDermott

3:03:16 to 3:03:37( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: sister is in rags with not enough fd for the day and one of you says, good luck to you, help your -- keep yourselves warm and have plenty to eat, but does nothing to supply their bodily needs, what is the good of that? so, with faith, if it does not

Jim McDermott

3:03:38 to 3:03:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jim McDermott: lead to action it is in itself a lightless thing, end quote. that's what we are doing here. we are making the first step to return to the concept of the

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