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House Proceeding 03-20-10 on Mar 20th, 2010 :: 3:03:55 to 3:09:15
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Jo Bonner

3:03:51 to 3:04:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: common good that we will take care of each other. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. jones of north carolina. for what purpose does the gentleman from alabama rise? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. > mr. speaker, here we aren

Jo Bonner

3:03:55 to 3:09:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jo Bonner

Jo Bonner

3:04:12 to 3:04:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: the verge of one of the most significant votes congress has ever taken. the only time i can think of which perhaps rivals the importance of this vote has been when we have had toecide to send our nation's finest, young men and women, off into the perils of war. and yet, it is my

Jo Bonner

3:04:34 to 3:04:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: mind-boggling, literally unconscionable, to think we are about to slap the american people in the face and have the audacity to say, we know better than you. in town meetings, at tea party rallies, fm emails, faxes, letters, and literally millions

Jo Bonner

3:04:55 to 3:05:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: of phone calls that have jammed the capitol switchboard, the voices of america have spoken out, begging, pleading work their elected representatives, please, slow down, start over, and do this the right way. sadly, instead of listening to the american people, the democrat majority, at least most of them, have chose ton

Jo Bonner

3:05:19 to 3:05:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: tune the people out. to ignore the angst, fear, frustration, and anger, in hopes that somehow that will all go away. let me assure you, it will not this whole process has been an insult. it's an outrage. it's an all-out attack on freedom and liberty, on fiscal

Jo Bonner

3:05:41 to 3:06:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: responsibility, and on the sanctity of human life. on thursday afternoon, right after work, a man from my district left his wife and children, drove all night some 998 miles all the way from fairhope, alabamaing to be washington, d.c., just to go door to door to those members who were still on the fence, to encourage them to do the right

Jo Bonner

3:06:02 to 3:06:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: thing. when i thanked him for making the trip he said, congressman bonner, i just couldn't sit back and look my children in the face and tell them, one day, years from now, i didn't do everything i could do to keep this from happening. earlier this morning, another man from mobil walked into my

Jo Bonner

3:06:23 to 3:06:44( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: office -- from mobile walked into my office he stopped in knoxville, tennessee to pick up his mom and together they came for the same reason. to thank those of us who were saying no and to reach out to every last undecided member of congress and beg them to listen to the american people. all day long, we've watched people come into our office,

Jo Bonner

3:06:45 to 3:07:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: from towns in monroe and other counties in my district to folks from new jersey, all the way to the coast of california. all of them, literally thousands who descended on the hill today, came for the same reason to leave no stone unturned before the vote tomorrow afternoon. common sense tells us that with a bill this big and with so many last-minute deals that

Jo Bonner

3:07:07 to 3:07:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: have been made, there are going to be a lot of angry people a lot more throughout the entire country, when all the details of this legislation are known in the coming weeks and months. isn't it ironic that just the other day, the speaker of the house told a group, we have to pass this bill to find out what's in it. well, earlier today, we found

Jo Bonner

3:07:29 to 3:07:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: out how true that promise was with the disclosure that democrats have now added a new $3 ppt -- a new 3.8% medicare surtax that will hit average, middle class taxpayers who have invested in real estate just what an already depressed real estate market needs. or the fact that just a couple of hours ago on this very

Jo Bonner

3:07:50 to 3:08:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: floor, the house attempted to fix another problem we discovered in this bill. a provision that if left unchanged could have taken more than 9.5 million veterans out of tricare. once again, just another example of the dangers of passing legislation on the fly. while theout rage of the american people did help

Jo Bonner

3:08:13 to 3:08:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: succeed inaking deem and pass off the table earlier this afternoon, we're still left with reconciliation. a process that leaves many americans dizzy in terms of the ever-changing rules that are being rewritten to try to pass this bill. american people remember reconciliation. back in october of 2007,

Jo Bonner

3:08:34 to 3:08:55( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: then-senator obama said of reconciliation, and i quote, we're not going to pass universal health care with a 50 plus one strategy and a couple of years earlier, then-senator biden said, i said to -- i say to my friends on the republican side, you may own the field right now but you won't own it forever.

Jo Bonner

3:08:56 to 3:09:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: i pray to god when democrats take back control we won't make the same kind of power grab, you are doing. back home this might sound like double speak. sadly, in washington, it's just another day at the office. mr. speaker, while many people understandably are focusing on the vote that will take place tomorrow on the third sunday in march, trust me, the vote that

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