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House Proceeding 03-20-10 on Mar 20th, 2010 :: 3:09:20 to 3:15:50
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Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: will be take on e first tuesday in november is the vote that will allow the american people to have the last word. i yield back the gentleman's -- the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. defazio of oregon. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas rise? >> to address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:09:37 to 3:09:57( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: the speaker pro tempore: withouobjection, the gentlewoman from texas is recognized for five minutes. ms. jackson lee: i was on the floor just a moment ago, i was struck by the quote by thomas ed son, because as i've listened to -- edison, because as i've listened to more of my colleague, it seem thers driving themselves into failure

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: and they just want to se this determined and committed number of members who represent constituencies across america driven into failure as well. but it says, many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. so the stories we'veeard about a young 11-year-old who

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: has the common sense to know that maybe his mother would have lived had she had the right kind of coverage. to my good friend who was just on the floor of the house and mentioned his constituents from his great state of alabama, i don't know if that constituent that drove 900-plus miles

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:10:41 to 3:11:01( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: realizes that alabama has one insurance company, only one no competition. and so when we think about where we are today on the eve of that magnificent vote, this is not arrogance. it is not an attempt to have the majority abuse the minority.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: it is to reflect on those americans who did not come, who in silence, suffer and die because they have no insurance. i support this legislation, but there are fixes i would like to have. i'm committed to working beyond the vote tomorrow. i don't like to see the comments that i've seen on

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: signs. i respect it because i am someone who appreciates the constitution. there is no instruction or demand on people to get insurance that is unconstitutional. in states, we require people to buy auto insurance, get seat buckles to wear helmets when they're driving o motorcycles.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: this is to save lives. we provide incentives to small businesses and subsidies. so today in the rules committee, i submit an amendment becau i want to help a body of hospitals in rural and minority areas. my amendment had to do with what we call physician-owned hospitals. my first amendment was to

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: preserve physician-owned facilities that have a greater average of medicaid in-patient admitances than state averages. a fix that's not illegal but one we want to fix as we move forward. my second amendment would prevent physician safety net

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:12:27 to 3:12:47( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: hospitals from closing and preserves critical care access for impoverished communities and the disabled. my third amendment, supported by the physician hospital association of america, would prevent the closure of 230 existing hospitals, save $2.9 billion in total pyroll, $6.8

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:12:48 to 3:13:09( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: billion in federal taxes, and preserves 62,000 full and part-time jobs. the senate amendment, by striking all language that prohibits the grandfathered facilities from expanding. we've extended the time in which these hospitals can receive their medicare certificates which means more hospitals can come online. that's a good thing.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: that's why, understand, we are so close to success, i'm not going to allow failures to doe destroy that success for millions of americans. i do want to tell you about st. joseph's hospital in houston that was going to close until many ofous intervened. i said something like, over my dead body would this hospital close and not serve our constituents.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:13:32 to 3:13:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: a group of doctors were able to invest and lo and behold, this hospital serves as one of the most income-challenged and a hospital that serb in the african-american community. physician ownership provides an avenue for it to stay open. or in south texas, an out of state corporation forced over 700,000 texans to travel more

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:13:53 to 3:14:13( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: than 250 miles to receive life-saving medical procedures, decisions not to offer services by out of state conglomerates left patients with two offices -- two options, go without or transfer to another facility 250 miles away. a physician-owned hospital

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: opened in south texas and stopped the drain of sick people having to drive 350 miles to get medical care or hospitalization. in chinatown's section of los angeles, the pacific alliance medical center is a 142-bed hospital, has been the main hospital for 104 years. this facility was purchased by a group of physicians 20 years

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: ago after existing hospital boards planned to close and demolish the facility. throwing a lifeline, that's what these facilities do. or in wisconsin, the aurora hospital he'ses seven centers of excellence and was the first in the country to become a designated emergency center.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:14:57 to 3:15:17( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: or a medical cent for the the state of washington, a large rural health system that helps servpatients in a largely rural area. there's a lot of good work that's already been done this bill has been reviewed over and over again. what my opponents say on the other side or the opponents of this bill this bill has been on the table for a long time. we know we can work going forward to make things better

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:15:18 to 3:15:38( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: system of no amount of attacks, being spat on by those who have come here to this place to show their opposition or being called names is going to stop us from seeing success down the road. but we want to work for these hospitals who are in rural and minority areas and poor areas to be able to stay open as well. i know that in working with my colleagues and moving to the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

3:15:39 to 3:15:50( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: other body, we'll have that opportunity. why don't my friends on the other side sit down and work as well so we can have what all of america is crying out for, those who are listening and understanding the issue that is health care for all americans.

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