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Steve King

2:36:16 to 2:36:36( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: problems that are the in the senate-passed bill. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the chair recognizes the gentleman from iowa, mr. king, for 60

Steve King

2:36:20 to 2:45:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve King

Steve King

2:36:37 to 2:36:58( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: minutes. mr. king: thank you, madam speaker. i very much appreciate being recognized here to address you on the floor of the united states house of representatives in what has been referred to the in the past as the world's greatest deliberative body and what has to struggle to reach that standard these days i would say, madam speaker.

Steve King

2:36:59 to 2:37:19( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: you know, we're not done the yet. this legislation passed the house sometime this morning. i'll just say, first of all i'm grateful that this usurpation of american liberty technically in its final phase didn't take place on the is a bath during

Steve King

2:37:20 to 2:37:40( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: lent although -- sabbath during lent although some of the votes did take place on the sabbath during lent. our founding fathers would have considered it a -- they would have considered it a serious violation of the standards of decency to assault liberty on the is a bh, especially during

Steve King

2:37:41 to 2:38:02( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: lent and i consider it the same sackry lidges may have been something that would is come to mind. what we've seen is, the senate version of the bill, which came over here to the house and was voted on and it's in the identical form as the senate, was the legislation that most of

Steve King

2:38:03 to 2:38:24( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: us heard president obama refer to and i believe it was in the conference february 25 at the blair house as obamacare. obamacare. 30-some more people, 30 -some-million more people put on the rolls and many on medica standards that

Steve King

2:38:25 to 2:38:46( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: seem to be the higher ideals of the initiation of this legislation. the arguement is there's $1 to billion that will be reducing the deficit over a 10-year period of time. $130 billion over 10 years. the american people can move a decimal point one place to the left and figure out what that is annually.

Steve King

2:38:47 to 2:39:07( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: $13 billion a year by their calculations. madam speaker, i can take you down through the list of the spending that has been out of control by this congress, promoted by the president of the united states, trillions, trillions of dollars added up,

Steve King

2:39:08 to 2:39:29( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: $700 billion in tarp, $787 billion which rolled into over $800 billion in the economic stimulus plan of which $9- 94% of americans don't believe did any good. and the trillions that have been added that have been advanced by the u.s. treasury. and the debt and the deficit that's created by the obama

Steve King

2:39:30 to 2:39:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: budget and we're being told that we should give up 100% of our personal control of our own health insurance and health care in america and completely transform the entire health insurance industry, the entire health care delivery system, when we have 85% of the people in america that today are

Steve King

2:39:51 to 2:40:11( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: insured and 85% of them are happy about it. now, we would transform the entire health care delivery system and the health insurance system in america for what? and the argument i we'll reduce the dedeficit by $13 billion a year. mr. speaker, i'd point out that if we werenterested in

Steve King

2:40:12 to 2:40:33( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: reducing the debt by $13 billion a year it would be a piece of kick to take $13 billion out of the abusive lawsuit that's being drive bin the trial lawyers in america. these numbers come to us in stark relief. they help -- the health insurance underwriters give us an 8% costs in america are

Steve King

2:40:34 to 2:40:54( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: driven by the abusive lawsuits and at 8.5%, when you do the calculation comes out to be $207 billion a year. that's the cost of defensive medicine, the litigation, the unnecessary settlements that come, not those that make people whole, and the part that goes directly into t pockets of the trial lawyers in america who are

Steve King

2:40:55 to 2:41:17( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: bringing lawsuits and driving physicians to do defensive medicine to the point where the been going on so long that it's taught in our med schools how you protect yourself from litigation, you spend the money on unnecessary tests instead.

Steve King

2:41:18 to 2:41:41( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: . these numbers and these estimates go from $207 billion to $210 bilion which is a number produced, on up to $650 billion a year. if we were serious about trying to reduce the deficit, we can do this to $13 billion a year for

Steve King

2:41:42 to 2:42:02( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the entire masive obamacare legislation that was rammed through this congress at a tremendous amount of bone twisting. $113 billion a year, $130 billion over 10 years. think of abottle issuing

Steve King

2:42:03 to 2:42:26( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: lawsuits and -- abottle issuing and take that waste out of our health care system. you got to be a piker to brag about $113 billion when you are the president of the united states. and the money they spent to get down to that. and then toad to the reality

Steve King

2:42:27 to 2:42:48( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: of this, $130 bilion in deficit reducti by the c.b.o., whch was under a tremendous amount of pressure. but their credibility may fall into question. i don't question it tonight, but here are the things to calculate part of that calculation when

Steve King

2:42:49 to 2:43:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: people hear $130 billion deficit reduction, half a trilion dollars reimbursement rate that are cut out of the reimbursement process today. $500 billion cut out of medicare. nobody believes they will cut out that spending. nobody bieves that. the people who voted for this bill don't believe that.

Steve King

2:43:11 to 2:43:32( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: and the people who voted fr that bil. that's an accounting gym milk that's designed to - like a red herring. another one of those components of this calculation is $569.2 billion in tax increases, tax

Steve King

2:43:33 to 2:43:56( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: increases on medical equipment, equipment, tax increases that add up $569.2 billion. and another calculation and we'll get the precise number, $200-plus billion for the $500 billion for medicare to cut

Steve King

2:43:57 to 2:44:19( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the slash of the underreimbursed medicare, acording to the c.m.s., the federal government calculation, only reimbursed 80% othe medicare costs and stil they would cut half a trilion. add the half a trillion to the

Steve King

2:44:20 to 2:44:41( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: $569 billion in tax increases and now you have $1.69,209 ,000,000, those two things change the revenue of this and you add the $200 billion that is

Steve King

2:44:42 to 2:45:03( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: the doctor fix and now you're up to that area of about $1.25 trillion of funding that are distorted in the calculations of the congressional budget office on what? they do the calculation on what's presented to them. we are supposed to be elated

Steve King

2:45:04 to 2:45:24( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: over a c.b.o. score of a deficit reduction that i guarantee you, madam speaker, and i would guarantee to the american people as well, we will never realize such a thing. we will see acomplete transformation of our health care system except, except that we have launched an effort to

Steve King

2:45:25 to 2:45:36( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: repeal this abysmal piece of legislation. i would be very hapy to yield so much time as he may consume to the relntless doctor and congressman from texas, who

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