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Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: ability to positively impact mr. speaker, at this time, i yield to our chairwoman, the honorable barbara lee. ms. lee: thank you very much. let me thank the gentlelady for yielding. and also for your leadership. once again, thanks to you, we're here. talking about the many, many

Barbara Lee

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Speech By: Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: ises which face our country. but also many of the issues which the congressional black caucus is very involved in leading and often times the public really isn't aware of these issues and exactly what we're doing. thank you again, congresswoman fudge for your leadership and for staying the course. as chair of the c.b.c., i'm

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: proud to point out that we are privileged to draw upon the wisdom and expertise of many of our colleagues on the house committee on foreign affairs. congressman don payne of new jersey, congressman payne, i must say, is more than a member. of course he is the chair of the africa and global health subcommittee, but he's our

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: resident expert on after chasm congressman payne, i always say, is a member of congress who not only understands what our foreign policy should be toward the continent of africa, but he also understands that africa deserves parity in our overall foreign policy and oftentimes is in the midst of

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: bringing peaceful solutions to conflicts when others won't go there. in many, many dangerous and treacherous situations. he also is the c.b.c. international affairs task force. i want to commend congressman payne tonight anthank you for your sacrifices and leadership. we are also represented on the foreign affairs committee by

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: congressman gregory meeks of new york, congresswoman diane watson of california, congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas, and congressman david scott of georgia. i'd like to briefly talk tonight about darfur and sudan. er mentioned mr. payne earlier and let me just say, he was the

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: for many years saying that we should declare genocide taking place in darfur because that is exactly what took place he finally brought bipartisan consensus to that -- the policy of designating this as genocide and it took a lot. but the country, our country,

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: has in place, as its foreign policy that genocide is taking place in darfur. but it's also important to recognize that we haven't been able to go the next step to really help to end the genocide. the people of stew hsu dan, and lasting peace, but it's been crush red petedly by one

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: of the most brutal regimes in the world. more than 2,000 south sudanese have died in the 21-year war and suffered countless atrocities, mostly committed by the 15eu78 regime in khartoum. darfurian children born at the height of the genocide are six years old and many are still in

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: displaced camps in darfur or eastern chad as refugees. 15 years ago in rwanda, the international community turned a blind eye with a million civilians butchered. have we really done more in the case of darfur in south sudan and nuba?

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: we declared genocide in 2004, but we haven't acted decisively to stop it. if we had, we could have saved many, many innocent people and i have visited darfur on three occasions and have just seen the conditions in the camps deteriorate over the years. so now, it's very important, given what is just taking place

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: for the united states to raise its role and elevate our work as it relates to trying to help the world community understand that we've got to do the right thin we need to support the international criminal court nits efforts to hold sudan president bashir accountable for his crimes against humanity and for the president and we

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: support the president, our president in appointing a special envoy for sudan, congressman payne and myself wrote to president obama and we were delighted he has pointed an ambassador or special envoy to be empowered and we want him to have the resources to focus on suda special attention to the

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: ongoing genocide in darfur, we want full implementation of the c.p.a. and to address the humanitarian crisis because now as general bashir has expeled the humanitarian workers, we have even worse cris emerging on the humanitarian front and so our new special envoy is

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: major general gracian, he will be the special envoy and he's uniquely qualified. we know he's very qualified to undertake these critically important efforts as the presiden knows the region he has broad experience and has his complete confidence.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: let me also say that we have to work very closely with the special envoynd again we want the special envoy to have a team of people with the resources to be able to do this job so he can bring peace to the long suffering people of the sudan. also in conclusion, let me just highlight the fact that the c.b.c. has led for many, many

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: years in developing our global hiv-aids initiatives and the u.s.'s response to that. we were instrumental last year in taking and can you believe this, congresswoman fudge, nelson mandela and the a&c was on the terrorist watch list until last december. so we were able to get him off of the terrorist watch list before his 90th birthday.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: we've established june as caribbean-american heritage month, honoring those of caribbean descent who have contributed immensely to this great country. we're working now on the education exchange program and trying to make sure that our country, haiti, the country, the poorest country in this

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: hemisphere, receives the type of attention and resources it deserves to help stabilize the country. hurricanes, natural disasters, poverty, health care needs are badly need in haiti and the c.b.c. has been working very hard to try to help abilize that country.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: i won't go on and on now but i wanted to thank congressman fudge because the c.b.c. again is continuing to be the conscience of the congress, not only in our domestic policy but in our foreign policy and each and every member understands that we have to think globally and act locally and we try to

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