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House Proceeding 03-24-09 on Mar 24th, 2009 :: 0:58:40 to 1:02:20
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Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: the committee has taken an important step forward in preventing nuclear terrorism by persevering with this legislation. i appreciate all the hard work that's gone into it. countries around the world now have access to technology that was once the realm of the few. and dangerous nuclear materials are sprinkled around the world. it seems that each week brings evidence of the connection

Adam B. Schiff

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Speech By: Adam B. Schiff

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: between north korea and serious nascent nuclear program and we are still unraveling the tes of the nuclear smuggling ring five years after it was uncovered. this is not a new problem. illicit nuclear material has been intercepted in transit out of the former soviet union many times since the end of the cold war, and the material we catch is surely just a small fraction

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: of the total amount trafficked. lasteek, it was written in requests newsweek" quote the only thing that can keep nuclear bombs out of the hands of terrorists is a brand new science of nuclear during the cold war we forestalled a nuclear attack with the threat of retaliation. but the decentralized flexible terror networks we face today

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: are not as easily deterred. a terrorist attack will also not leave a missile contrail pointed back toward those responsible. as allison writes, the key to a new deterrent is coming up with some way of tracing the nuclear material backward from an explosion in new york city, for example, to the reactor that forged the fissile

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: to the minds that yielded the original uranium ore. the nuclear forensics and atribbution act is designed to do just that. the act is aimed at decisionmakers in north korea, pakistan, iran, and elsewhere who could sell nuclear material as welas the smugglers and corrupt officials around the world who could steal it. those parts of the nuclear

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: network can be deterred by the knowledge that if their material is found, the u.s. will find out and hold them responsible. the first part of this bill expands our ability to determine the source of nuclear material by authorizing the national technical nuclear forensics center and the department of homeland security.

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: . this will ensure an efficient combined response when nuclear materials intercepted or god for bid, used in -- forbid, used in a weapon. it brings in new radiochemists and fizzists to help with the

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: work force. -- physicist to help with the work force. the strength of nuclear forensics depends on the strength of our database. nuclear material can come from many nations. some friendly, some unfriendly, and the individual recipes are closely guarded secrets. however, little of the information needed for

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: forensics is of direct use to adversaries, so in many cases the risks of not sharing the data is greater than the risk of sharing it. may i minutes? mr. carney: i yield 90 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. the schiff: the bill asks the president to enter into

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: agreements with other nations to share forensic data. this effort is vital and the national technical forensic center must play a key role to make sure that the data we obtain is key to response. nuclear terrorism is a vague threat of devastating consequence, and, therefore,

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: difficult to guard against. but as communications and transportation revolutions brings us ever closer to our allies, they bring us closer to our enemies as well. i believe this bill will help make sure that our ability to prevent a nuclear attack keeps up with our enemy's -- enemies' ability to prosecute one.

Adam B. Schiff

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Adam B. Schiff: again, i want to thank chairman

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