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House Proceeding 03-24-09 on Mar 24th, 2009 :: 3:45:25 to 3:51:50
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Mike McIntyre

3:45:22 to 3:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: regulatory oversight from health and human services does not interrupt with growing practices by our farmers. with that i'll yield to the gentleman from north carolina. mr. mcintyre: thank you. thank you so much. i want to thank mr. buyer who is the principal sponsor of this tobacco regulation legislation. i was pleased to be the original co-sponsor with him. and in our legislation we certaiy want to make sure

Mike McIntyre

3:45:25 to 3:51:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre

3:45:44 to 3:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: that this is an issue of fundamental fairness. this is not an anti-public health alternative. in fact, as mr. buyer was just saying and as we were just discussing in our interstate a few moments ago, in fact, we have even stronger regulation to prevent youth smoking. i had a son when he was in high

Mike McIntyre

3:46:05 to 3:46:25( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: school, he's now in law school, who actually served on the campaign for tobacco-free kids. so we understand that. and this is a strong statement. even stronger than mr. waxman's proposal against youth smoking. but it also recognizes that the f.d.a. is understaffed and underfunded and overworked right now.

Mike McIntyre

3:46:26 to 3:46:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: and we're not in a situation where we need the f.d.a. to come out on the farm and start regulating farmers. and from that perspective, i wanted to principally speak in a few moments as chairman on the subcommittee of rural development, biotechnolo, specialty crops and foreign agriculture. specialty crops over which our

Mike McIntyre

3:46:48 to 3:47:08( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: committee has jurisdiction over tobacco. we may see h.r. 1256, which is representative waxman's bill, to implement f.d.a. regulation of tobacco products and leaf under suspension of the rules on the house floor. this process will not allow for amendments or alternatives on this very important tobacco

Mike McIntyre

3:47:09 to 3:47:29( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: regulation. i urge my fellow members to vote against the waxman bill when it comes up on suspension so we may consider an alternative bill so that we may be able to consider the bill that mr. buyer and i are discussing tonight that does even more than mr. waxman's bill while preserving a vital

Mike McIntyre

3:47:30 to 3:47:50( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: engine for people throughout the united states, including my district in southeastern north carolina. h.r. 1261 is the youth prevention and tobacco harm reduction act that we have introduced together and better regulates tobacco and the waxman bill will grant the f.d.a., the food and drug

Mike McIntyre

3:47:51 to 3:48:12( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: administration, wide authority to dictate to manufacturs and growers dramatic changes in product design and leaf cultivation. the tobacco industry contributes over $36 billion each year to the u.s. economy, employing over 19,000 individuals nationwide this is not exactly the time to

Mike McIntyre

3:48:13 to 3:48:34( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: cause even thousands more of our fellow citizens to lose their jobs or to yet cause another problem with our nation's economy. in my home state of north carolina, over 8,600 people are employed by the industry with a statewide economic impact of nearly $24 billion. waxman's manufacturing and

Mike McIntyre

3:48:35 to 3:48:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: f.d.a. on the farm provisions will put many companies and growers out of business. and we absolutely cannot afford to lose any more jobs. our bill, h.r. 126 is, specifically protects growers -- 1261, specifically protects growers to traditional farming practices, includi standard

Mike McIntyre

3:48:57 to 3:49:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: cultivation practices, curing processes, seed composition, tobacco type, fertilization, soil, record keeping and any other requirement that affect farming practices. the last thing our farmers want to see is another government bureaucrat coming out on the farm walking around, snooping around about the soil and how he's growing his crops.

Mike McIntyre

3:49:18 to 3:49:40( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: in addition, our bill does more to protect help health and prevent minors from smoking, even than the waxman bill does. h.r. 1261 considers cutting edge scientific research by promoting a harm reduction strategy to move smokers to less harmful tobacco products. according to applied economics, the use of these reduced harm

Mike McIntyre

3:49:41 to 3:50:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: tobacco products increases the average probability of smoke cessation by over 10%. i'm sure my colleague will be speaking more to that aspect of this bill. h.r. 1261 specifically addresses youth tobacco by encouraging states to penalize nors by purchasing and possessing tobacco products. retailers are prohibited from

Mike McIntyre

3:50:05 to 3:50:25( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: unlike with the purc alcohol, minors are not penalized for underage purchase and possession of tobacco products. and our bill clears that up an also allows for penalties in that regard. the bill also calls upon states to increase the percentage of dollars to fund tobacco

Mike McIntyre

3:50:26 to 3:50:48( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: cessation. in the past 10 years states have spent just 3.2% of their tobacco ge tobacco prevention and cessation programs. our bill would allow that to be increased. h.r. 1261 is a commonsense approach to tobacco regulaon th will both protect the public health and protect the

Mike McIntyre

3:50:49 to 3:51:09( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: jobs in our vital sector of the tobacco economy. . i urge my colleagues to vote no and give yourselves a chance to consider a more viable and reasonable economic alternative that does even more to protect our youth. in closing to my colleague i'll say for our colleagues who may be in their offices or the

Mike McIntyre

3:51:10 to 3:51:30( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: staff that may still be in their offices this evening, we do have a chart that compares both bills. if we want to talk about, all right, what are the reasonable alternatives, one by one we go through the different segments of the bill to explain so that a real comparative analysis can be done. and that's what this is about. it's fundamental fairness and how we pass legislation.

Mike McIntyre

3:51:31 to 3:51:51( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: so it's not just rushed through under suspension but we get a chance to actually analyze and compare these two bills, and that we do it in a way that will best achieve the goal here of protecting the public health, protect -- thrick our young people, and -- particularly our young people, and protect jobs and not cost our economy anymore

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