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House Proceeding 03-24-09 on Mar 24th, 2009 :: 5:30:50 to 5:34:55
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Steven C. LaTourette

5:30:46 to 5:31:06( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: problem that has been transpired as a result of this legislation. so i yield back my time to the gentleman from ohio. thank you for the opportunity to speak on this and thank you for bringing this issue forward. it's very important. mr. latta: i wan

Steven C. LaTourette

5:30:50 to 5:34:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steven C. LaTourette

Steven C. LaTourette

5:31:07 to 5:31:27( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: mr. latourette: i want to thank the gentleman from ohio. it was such a lousy piece of legislation. if we take the fellow that you've just -- it might have been a woman, that you identified, got $6.4 million worth of bonuses, the democratic tax bill that used the tax code to punish people for the first time in at least my memory to that extent, my

Steven C. LaTourette

5:31:28 to 5:31:49( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: person still got $640,000. why? why? they shouldn't have go money, they shouldn't have gotten any money. wh i promise, mr. speaker, that we would attempt to move forward and solve -- try to solve this mystery. it would be easier if somebody would just come forward and say

Steven C. LaTourette

5:31:50 to 5:32:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: i did it. you know, i did it. i'm professor plum. i'm colonel muss tard and i did it but we don't have anybody that's been forth coming on capitol hill or down at the white hoe or at the

Steven C. LaTourette

5:32:11 to 5:32:32( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: department of treasury except for mr. geithner and barney frank and the people that i mentioned that were not in the room when this happened. so with apologies to our friends from hasbro, we have sort of put this in the form of the game of clue which a lot of us played as we were growing up. we'd play with our kids and if you're not familiar with the game of clue, mr. speaker, basically it's a crime is committed and the junior detectives have to try to solve

Steven C. LaTourette

5:32:33 to 5:32:54( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: the crime and the successful person, the winner, identifies where it happened, who did it and with the weapon. now, we start with a pretty good advantage here this evening. because we know what the weapon is. we know that somebody took out the language that would have prohibited these bonuses that were paid out and put in the

Steven C. LaTourette

5:32:55 to 5:33:17( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: language that's over mr. tee berry's shoulder. we -- tiberi's soldier. we know it was done in writing. the weapon is a pen. so we're 1/3 of the way th and now we just need to figure out where it took place and by whom. and just to sort of go around with the whoms, we don't have colonel mustard, we don't have

Steven C. LaTourette

5:33:18 to 5:33:39( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: ms. scarlet but we have people who are conferees or who made observations or news cot kths that we'll get into it in a minute -- news accounts that we'll get into in a minute indicate we're in the room. on the bottom right is charles rangel of new york. he was a conferee. he signed the conference report. next is ralm emanuel who is the president's chief of staff.

Steven C. LaTourette

5:33:40 to 5:34:02( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: used to serve with us here in the congress, representing a part of illinois in thunited states congress. at the top, the former president of harvard university, larry summers, who is now an economic advisor to president obama. at the top is senator d.o.d. now i have to say senator daud in a lot of early news accounts was blamed for it.

Steven C. LaTourette

5:34:03 to 5:34:24( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: dodd because the last thing i saw him say was that somebody at treasury said to put itn and so my staff put it in and -- but clearly senator dodd is getting fingered for a lot of this. if he did it, he should say so. if he didn't do it, he should say, i didn't do it. over in the upper left-hand corner is the speaker of the house, ms. pelosi of california.

Steven C. LaTourette

5:34:25 to 5:34:45( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: and again the news accounts indicate that this took place in her office, but we're not going to get there yet. harry reid, if you read, m speaker, yesterday's roll call, people have expressed concern as to the fact that he appointed himself as the majority leader in the senate, as a conferee, and that he may or may not have ties to a.i.g. and some questions are being

Steven C. LaTourette

5:34:46 to 5:34:56( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: raised and at the bottom is david obey, the very distinguished chairman of the appropriations committee who is also a conferee in the room at least some of the time.

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