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House Proceeding 03-24-09 on Mar 24th, 2009 :: 5:56:10 to 6:01:40
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Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: i think we know it was the speaker's office but maybe, you know, maybe it was the s leader's office. maybe it was on the other side of the capitol. mr. latourette: the gentleman's point is right on the money. in the last 2 1/2 years, the american public can rest assured that they will not go into a post office in this

Steven C. LaTourette

5:56:10 to 6:01:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steven C. LaTourette

Steven C. LaTourette

5:56:27 to 5:56:49( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: country that doesn't have a name on it. because we spent a lot of our time naming post offices. what they can't rest assured is who put those 50 words in the econc recovery bill that authorized the payments of bonuses to these a.i.g. officials and w they're horrified and shocked and everythi just before we leav that the three of us don't get

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: a lot of emails and hate mail from animal lovers, all three of us want sharks to be conserved and all three of us think that we should have safe monkeys. mr. tiberi: we all voted fo it. absolutely. mr. latourette: none of us think it's the most portant issue facing the country. last year or this year. now, back to the clue.

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: i think that mr. tiberi makes a pretty good point because we do have, when you play clue, you try to collect clues and there have been some clues recently and i want to refer to one on anderson cooper, a show on cnn, dana bash, i have a terrific of

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: her reporting on the night that this happened, that the crime happened. and ask unanimous consent that it be included in the record, madam speaker. thank you. and dana bash says, well, anderson, as we speak, the white house chief of staff, mr. emanuel, and the president's

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: budget director are inside nancy pelosi's office. mr. tiberi: not to interrupt but should we add the budget director to the chart? we should probably do that. mr. latourette: next time we'll put him because he's up there, too. in fact, they have been coming on eight hours straight. eight hours straight shuffling

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: between the house speaker's office and that's why we can't quite get to the speak's office yet because of this reporting, but maybe we'll get there later, shuffling between the speaker's office and the senate majority leader harry reid's office urgently attempting to broker a compromise between house democrats and senate democrats. and you know what's interesting about that sentence is, i

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: didn't hear the word republican in there. so this was democrats negotiating with democrats negotiating with democrats. and we now know that we had the president's budget director here for eight hours shuttling back and forth together with the president's chief of staff,

Steven C. LaTourette

5:58:56 to 5:59:19( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: mr. emanuel who was also there. so i think we're getting closer. if it's all right with you, i'd like to ex clues mr. obey because i don't think his fingerprints are on this and mr. rangel, do i have an observation from mr. rangel who indicated that mr. -- mr.

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: rangel in this same report, house and senate democratic negotiators meet in the speaker's office, we're really getting closer to the speaker's office here, madam speaker, with the white house chief of staff emanuel and white house budget director orszag into the evening tuesday, breaking at 9:00 and then chairman rangel is quoted in this reporting, it's so difficult to talk with

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: a body that is controlled by three people. you have no idea. so i think that the distinguished chairman of the ways and means committee is expressing frustration that three people basically figured out how to spend $792 billion in an economic recovery package and ok'd these 50 words that authorized the

Steven C. LaTourette

6:00:04 to 6:00:25( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: bonuses to a.i.g. and other people similarly situated. so that's -- i think we're getting a little closer. mr. tiberi: and i think what he's saying is three members of the senate. we have two members of the senate on the clue board. so i keep, you know, i keep wanting to take names off. but maybe we should add another picture there. we got to figure out who the other senator was that he's

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: speaking about. i think we can take off the chairman of the ways and means committee, mr. rangel. i feel pretty confident he wasn't the one. i think we can take the chairman of the appropriations committee off. but i'm thinking with we need to add a couple, too. let me get to that for a second. and there was another article

Steven C. LaTourette

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Steven C. LaTourette: that appeared on march the 19th and the headline is that the white house staff botched it. and this appeared in something called "the huffington post" which is clearly not a conservative republican organization. but ask unanimous consent that this go into the record as well. the speaker pro tempore:

Steven C. LaTourette

6:01:08 to 6:01:29( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: without objection. mr. latourette: is quotes an a.i.g. executive and, well, the article says, according to a.i.g., the payments were ok'd by the white house last thursday. why? because it eye peers that david axelrod, now we have to add someone else, and ralm he mall -- emanuel grossly underestimated how infuriating this would be. the quote from the a.i.g.

Steven C. LaTourette

6:01:30 to 6:01:41( Edit History Discussion )

Steven C. LaTourette: executive is this. we were not authorized until thursday night. that is, to give out these millions of dollars in bonuses. we were negotiating with the treasury and the federal reserve. treasury indicated that they

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