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House Proceeding on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 1:24:10 to 1:31:15
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Virginia Foxx

1:24:06 to 1:24:27( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: help your states save lives and rebuild. with that i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentlewoman from north carolina is recognized. ms. foxx: thank you, madam speaker. i thank my colleague for yielding. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker prtempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. foxx: thank you, madam

Virginia Foxx

1:24:10 to 1:31:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

1:24:28 to 1:24:49( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: speaker. despite what the democrats may say about this bill, my colleagues could be well served to recognize how this bill represents little more than a continuation of the arrogant approach to governing that has pervaded this body since they took control three years ago. let's start by considering the process for which this rule and bill are coming before us today.

Virginia Foxx

1:24:50 to 1:25:10( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: this legislation which spends $5.7 billion to replenish a fema disaster relief account and fund a department of labor summer jobs program, jobs in quotes, was introduced last sn, march 21, and -- sunday, march 21, and before the rules committee the following day. in february of 2009, shortly

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: after president obama assumed office, the hill newspaper quoted a group of democrats as saying that, quote, committees must function thoroughly and inclusively and cooperation must ensue between the parties and the houses to ensure that our legislative tactics enable rather than impede progress. in general we must engender a

Virginia Foxx

1:25:32 to 1:25:54( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: atmosphere that allows partisan gains to cease and collaboration to succeed. we are looking forward to working with you to restore this institution. so much for good intentions. despite their best attempts to divert attention from the simple truth, it's worth remembering the pledge made in 2006 by the then minority

Virginia Foxx

1:25:55 to 1:26:17( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: democrats to ensureregular order for legislation, promising that, quote, bills should be developed following full hearings and open subcommittee and committee markups with appropriate referrals to other committees. members should have at least 24 hours to examine a bill prior to consideration at the subcommittee level. bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure

Virginia Foxx

1:26:18 to 1:26:39( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: that allows open, full, and fair debate, consisting of a full amendment process that grants the minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute. oh, how quickly we forget. you know, $5.7 billion used to be a lot of money. but the ruling democrats which have apparently no concept of

Virginia Foxx

1:26:40 to 1:27:01( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: the value of money have completely thrown that idea right out of the window. in fairness to my liberal colleagues, working with such large numbers startso get confusing after all. who pays attention to all those zeros? we hardly ever hear the word, million anymore, and it hasn't

Virginia Foxx

1:27:02 to 1:27:24( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: been that long ago that everett dirksen said a million year an million there and pretty soon you are talking about real money. i saw an article today in one of the newspapers from my district where they talked about the fact that they thght they weren't going have money for summers job program, now it looks like they are going to have it.

Virginia Foxx

1:27:25 to 1:27:45( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: the articlealked -- said, last year 129 business that is use this program benefited from free labor provided by uncle sam. we have established in the minds of many americans that federal llars are somehow or

Virginia Foxx

1:27:46 to 1:28:07( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: anher manna from heen. they are not manna from heaven. somebody has to pay this bill. it's not free. there is no free lunch. every dime we are spending has to be borrowed. the american people understand that and they are sick and tired of it.

Virginia Foxx

1:28:08 to 1:28:29( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: many of our colleagues support pay-go, which they argue forces congress to, quote, pay for, end quote, certain spending increases with tax increasings. this bill is a perfect example of the sham that is pay-go. first off, pay-go applies only to certain kinds of nondiscretionary spending.

Virginia Foxx

1:28:30 to 1:28:51( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: so they exhaust themselves spending on social welfare programs without so much as a pay-go speed bump. when looking for another reason to increase taxes, they simply look for an excuse to increase automatic spending. that way they tell their tax conscious constituents that their hands were tied as the rules forced them to support the tax increases, never take

Virginia Foxx

1:28:52 to 1:29:12( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: responsibility for your actions. what happens when the spending proposals are so much that even liberals can't tax their way out of them? a few of their tricks include budgetary gimmicks like inserting an exception into the rules ory favorite, simply declare the spending to be an emergency.

Virginia Foxx

1:29:13 to 1:29:34( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: the bill we have before us today designates as an emergency $5.1 billion in spending for a fema account that could and should be funded through the regular appropriations process. as i raised in the rules committee the other day, we recommend to people that they

Virginia Foxx

1:29:35 to 1:29:56( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: have three months of income in an account in case they have an emergency, but this is funding in anticipation and it means we are borrowing money and we are paying interest on tt borrowed money. the excuses from my colleagues just are endless. spending increases are so

Virginia Foxx

1:29:57 to 1:30:18( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: common that they have become all too predictable. observers of this debate are lily to hear one of the most tired excuses intended to dodge responsibility for their unconscionable spending binge. when all else fails, they always fall back on the reliable excuses george bush did it or you did it before.

Virginia Foxx

1:30:19 to 1:30:39( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: as a teacher i never let my students get away with childish excuses like this. this is congress. people elected us to be responsible for the decisions we make. it irue that republicans spent far too much while in the majority, but the democrat response is simply the triple down on the mistakes of the past and return to the same old blame game that's led this

Virginia Foxx

1:30:40 to 1:31:00( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: government into the budgetary malaise that we are facing today. while they say they are simply responding to the mess made by the previous administration, the democrats would have you believe that this mess was created because george bush didn't spend enough. the american people need strong loweredship. they need effective leadership.

Virginia Foxx

1:31:01 to 1:31:15( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: they need leadership that ends the petty partisan blame game and accepts responsibility for governance. this bill exemplifies how the ruling democrats fail to offer any of these fundamental leadership traits. that's why this country desperately needs a change in

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